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From: Shobha Srinivasan (
Date: Thu Jul 23 1998 - 11:00:21 PDT

Dear Hari Bhakthas:

My name is Shobha Srinivasan.  I am a MAdhva from Chennai living in
Corning, NY.  I have been reading v. interesting posting in Bhakthi Digest
everyday, I am enjoying the postings v. much.  I also attended the
Pittsburgh conference & met many of you in my brother-in-laws' Dr. Bindu
Madhavan's house.  I do have 3 questions & I request knowledgeble persons
to answer if possible.

1. In RAmAyAnA, RAma could not do the last rites of his father, Dasharatha.
 Hence circumstances forced Him to do last rites to non human such as
JatAyu, KabandA etc.

In MahabhArata, what did Bheemasena do in any of his birth for him to marry
Hidamba, a demoness?  Who is this lucky women who could marry this PAndava?

2. Why is silk & Haldi (Turmeric) considered Sacred?  Silk is made up of
killing silkworm.  Our Shastras do not accept killing a living thing be it
a insect, bird, animal, man or even plants.  Turmeric has come from a root
of the plant.

3. Who are these chosen women like Kunti, Uttara, Satyavathi (Sage
Vedavyaasa's mother) etc

Shobha Srinivasan