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Re: Divya Prabandham edition

From: Mani Varadarajan (
Date: Wed Jul 22 1998 - 11:09:45 PDT

Lakshmi Srinivas asked about Divya Prabandham editions.
The best edition, with virtually no errors, clean printing,
and identification of taniyan authors, is Sri Puttur S.
Krishnaswamy Iyengar's.  It is in print and available at
the Parthasarathy Kovil bookshop in Chennai.

This edition even has one-line summaries of some of the
more esoteric paasurams, like those in Tiruviruttam. The
only defect in this edition is that the type is a little
bit small.

Puttur Swamy's efforts should be well-known to Bhakti list
members, as he is the only person presently printing the
Prabandham with the ancient maNipravALa commentaries.
T.A. Varadhan, one of our members, is actively raising funds 
to support Puttur Swamy's efforts. Puttur Swamy has promptly
published the last three volumes of Tiruvaymoli commentaries
thanks in large part to Bhakti list members.

Another Prabandham edition that is very good but lacks
taniyan identification, etc., is Kidambi Natteri Vijayaraghavacharya's
edition.  This publication is printed on better paper in
bigger type, but is very hard to find in Chennai.