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Divya Prabandham edition

From: Lakshmi Srinivas (
Date: Wed Jul 22 1998 - 08:39:15 PDT

This is a request for a suggestion on a standard edition of  the
Nalayiram. I have the following requirements:

1. It should be in one volume (preferably cloth bound). I am presently
using  a 2 volume edition which I find rather inconvenient.
2. It should have no typo's (pizai's) and should give variant readings
as footnotes. 
3. It should give a traditional account of each alwar preferably
preceding the relevant tirumozi
4. For each alwar/tirumozi, it should give as many taniyans as
possible, mentioning the author of the taniyan
5. For each verse, the metre should be given. If ragam/talam are
given, I may be willing to relax some of the more difficult to satisfy
6. As far as possible, one aDi of a verse should be printed in one
physical line in the printed page. For example, metres such as
eNcIrneDilaDiAciriyaviruttam are printed in two lines in many books 
(with the second line slightly indented). I find this arrangement
rather  cumbersome. 
7. It should be printed in 12+ points which will really be an asset 
8. It should have a first-word index (mutaRkuRippakarAti) for the
entire corpus of 4000
9. It should also have a list of 108 tiruppati's with details on where
it is located viz., district/taluk, distance from the nearest railhead

Needless to say, an edition satisfying all the above requirements
(except second part of #5) existed once in my parents' home but is not
to hand now.  I request the distinguished members of the group to
examine the editions they are using and let me know the name and
address of the publisher. A friend of mine is planning on visiting
Srirangam so I may get a copy. 

BTW, it would be useful to know if some good editions are available in
Madras itself.

I would appreciate any help in this regard from the distinguished
members of this list.

Thanks in Advance and Warm Regards. 

Lakshmi Srinivas

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