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Thiruvaaymozhi 8.4-Sweetest PerumAL! His Greatest BhakthAs!

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Wed Jul 22 1998 - 02:40:05 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

Emperumaan shows His strength, valour and also identifies His 
devotees/BhAgawathALs to NammAzhwAr in this ten. AzhwAr sees them at 
ThirucchenkunRoor Divya dEsam.

1. KaNNan, pushed effortlessly the huge elephant, (which stood like a 
big mountain, and who has its water secreted ("madhaneer") from its 
head, flowing like the waterfalls from the top of the mountain), by name 
Kuvalayaapeetam (asurA) that was sent to kill KaNNan. KaNNan simply 
broke the two hill-like tusks. After pushing the elephant to the ground, 
he also killed the mahout, who was riding on top of the elephant. The 
wrestlers who came in support of the mahout (who were also Kamsan's men) 
were also killed by KaNNan. There were local kings (under the rule of 
Kamsan) who were ready to fight next, but on seeing these great grand 
deeds of KaNNan who was on His winning spree, just fled, showing there 
backs. Finally, valiant little KaNNan went to Kamsan (His maternal 
uncle) and killed him too. Such Strongest, youthful, KaNNan, is there at 
ThirucchenkunRoor ThirucchiRRaaRu Divya dEsam. That place alone is the 
most fitting place where we need to reach.
2. My Master- My Father- My Dearest Bhagawaan- Emperumaan- is our 
refuge. He is the one to be reached. He is also the Sweetest Nectar for 
us. He is Our Lord, who is also the Chief of NityasUris. He is the One 
who has the forms of BrahmA, Sivan and Indran. He is the Same one who is 
there in my AthmA, invisibly as "antharyaami". Such Lord of mine is 
there at ThirucchenkunRoor. Such a fertile place, full of ponds is that 
ThirucchenkunRoor, where our Lord is showing Himself Beautifully. He 
alone is the Primordial Cause for everything. Except Him, there is no 
one to protect and support me.
3. NityasUris' chief- My Emperumaan is the One who took Varaaha 
avataaram. He is the Lord for me. He is the One who brought the Earth 
back. He is the One who removes all my enormous huge amount of sins and 
rules me. He is the One who shows Himself so majestically at 
ThirucchenkunRoor in standing posture. There is nothing for me to take 
asylum except His Feet. I don't think of any thing else, too. ("ninRa 
emperumaan adiyallaal saraN ninaippilum piRidhillai enakkE")
4. He, My Emperumaan, came as small beautiful Brahmin boy, as Vaamanan 
and took a huge form of Thrivikraman in order to measure the Bid, vast 
three worlds and spanned everywhere, measuring the universe under His 
Feet. He is the Same one, who looks like the Emerald stone, who churned 
Milk Ocean. He is the One who shows Himself beautifully at 
ThirucchenkunRoor, the most fertile place with lots of banana trees, 
coconut trees etc.. Such Greatest Emperumaan's Lotus Feet alone are my 
only rampart (to protect me) and nothing else at all.
5. Everything is Emperumaan's place only. There is nothing where He does 
NOT exist- It is true; However, my mind loves to hug only His graceful 
standing form of ThirucchenkunRoor. Vedic scholars, who recite all four 
Vedas, perform yaaghams in this sthalam and fragrant "havis" (Ghee 
laden) smoke emanating from such yaaghams cover even the sky of 
ThirucchenkunRoor ThirucchiRRaaRu.  Such a Divya Desam alone is my 
6. Emperumaan, who is standing at ThirucchenkunRoor ThirucchiRRaaRu is 
the only one who is my best refuge. He alone is my life. The mother and 
father of NityasUris- He is- He can NOT even comprehend His capacity and 
power/ GuNAs. Such Greatest Emperumaan is having Yogha NithrA at 
ThiruppaaRkadal (Milk Ocean). The same one- Emperumaan of 
ThirucchenkunRoor ThirucchiRRaaRu Diva Desam - I went and paid obeisance 
to Him. In that place, there are about three thousand Sri vaishnavas 
living, always contemplating on Bhgawath Vishyam and Emperumaan's 
kalyANa guNAs and hence, they are on par with even BrahmA, Sivan and 
even Thirumaal. ("sivanum ayanum thaanum oppaar vaazh…") They are so 
great Sri vaishnavaas. Emperumaan of such a holy place where these 
Vaishnavas live is the only shelter for me.
7. (This is a lovely pAsuram!) My swami- The Lord whom I saw and paid 
obeisance at ThirucchenkunRoor ThirucchiRRaaRu- is always gracefully 
residing in my heart. Emperumaan with those Red Beautiful Lotus like 
eyes, Lovely, curvy, attractive Coral lipped mouth, Red Lotus Feet, Red 
lotus like (long, lovely) hands, The lovely red lotus in His navel, That 
broad, beautiful chest where Sri Lakshmi, lovingly, joyously resides 
always, Red PeethAmbharam, Beautiful Crown, Necklace, weapons (Pancha 
AyudhangaL- five weapons), etc.. etc.. has entered into my mind 
unforgettably. (Let us have a look at the pAsuram for its sweetness:
 "thiruchchengunRooril thiruchchiRRaaRu athanuL
   kanda atththiruvadi yenRum,
 thiruchcheyya kamalak kaNNum  chevvaayum
   chevvadiyum cheyya kaiyum,
 thiruchcheyya kamala vundhiyum cheyya
   kamalamaarbum cheyya vudaiyum,
 thiruchcheyya mudiyum aaramum padaiyum
   thigazha ven chindhaiyuLaanE."
 ("yaamaRindha mozhigaLilE Thamizh mozhi pOl inidhaavadhu enghum 
kaaNOm.. ")
8. Emperumaan, who is shining so brightly in my heart, is standing 
gracefully at ThirucchenkunRoor ThirucchiRRaaRu. The Vedic scholars, 
Srivaishnavas, who are like the DevAs on the earth, are paying their 
obeisance to this Lord with folded hands. I do not know how to praise 
that Emperumaaan. He is the refuge for even the bright DevAs. He is like 
yaman for asurAs; How will I ever be able to describe and praise His 
Greatness, who creates, protects and destroys the three worlds?
9. Creation- Destruction and Protection - all these three actions are 
being performed by Emperumaan only as BrahmA, Sivan and VishNu. He is an 
antharyaami in everyone and everything and does things without leaving 
them. Such Lord of everything and everyone- is standing so nicely and 
majestically at ThiruchenkunRoor. At this place, Srivaishnavas are known 
for their benevolent nature and magnanimity. They are very knowledgeable 
and have jnAnam, anushtaanam, vairAgyam, AchAram, etc.. They perform 
Thiruvaaraadhanam for Emperumaan everyday lovingly. At such a place- 
ThirucchiRRaaRu- The Lord of this Divya dEsam is the Chief of all worlds 
is NOT A FLATTERY. IT IS SATHYAM. (sathyam sathyam punas 
sathyam……….Vedaas saasthraa: param naasthi na deivam Kesavaath param…)
10. Emperumaan, who is standing at ThirucchenkunRoor grants to all His 
bhakthAs whatever they all ask for; That Divya Desam is where all 
Srivaishnavas live. This place is  a heaven for Sri vaishnavas. In this 
sthalam, the Emperumaan, is known for His mischievous deeds; He is the 
Maayavan and is the SarvEshwaran. He is the One who is also an 
antharyaami in BrahmA and Sivan and in their forms, too. 
11. Emperumaan is like the Sweetest drink, like Honey, Milk, Sugar cane 
juice, Nectar (amirtham), etc.. He is the One who ate the whole universe 
and retained it to protect the same. He is the One who created BrahmA, 
in His navel-lotus. About such Mysterious, wonderful Maayavan, 
SarvEshwaran, Sri SadagOpar of Thirukkurugoor has sung 1000 pAsurams and 
paid his obeisance to Him. READERS OF THESE TEN (OUT OF 1000) WILL BE 

NammAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

Ram Ram

With Best Regards

NarayaNa dAsan madhavakkannan

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