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Re: Words for Father

From: Satyan, Nagu (
Date: Tue Jul 21 1998 - 11:52:55 PDT

As Mani stated, many Karnataka Iyengars address their father as "Anna."  My
father-in-law was addressed as Anna by his borthers/sisters, 9 children as
well as the daughters-in-law and sons-in-law.  I see the same practice with
most of our nieces and nephews (husband's side) living in India. On my
parents' side,  most address as Appa, including us. Generally, I noticed
that Hebbar Iyengars use "Anna" and if I am right, Mandyam Iyengars address
the father as "Ayya."  Another observation I have made is that when the
Karnataka Hebbar Iyengars introduce their father or refer to their father
during a conversation, the word "thohappanar" is used, similar to my
relatives in Madras. For mothers, Hebbar Iyengars while introducing refer to
their mother as "thaayaar."

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