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Thiruvaaymozi 8.3- Lord! Order me to serve You at Your Lotus Feet!

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Fri Jul 17 1998 - 19:48:10 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

In the last ten pAsurams, NammAzhwAr lost himself (or herself as 
Paraangusa NayakI) in Emperumaan's awesome Beauty. In this ten he 
regrets that there is none to admire and take care of His Beauty in this 
world and sings MangaLaasaasanam for Emperumaan's Sowndharyam. This is 
addressed by AchAryAs as "NammAzhwAr ThiruppallANdu". 

1. EmperumaanE! There (in upper world), here (in this world) and below( 
at the PaathaaLa lOkam), - everyone out there at these three worlds, are 
simply not bothered at all to get to know Your Ever Youthful awesome 
Beauty; all that they are after is to get the benefits from You. DevAs, 
asurAs, human beings- are all coming to You to get something for them 
and their lives only; never realise Your limitless, unbounded beauty and 
never greet You in this regard; They always say "Oh SridEvI bhUdEvi 
samEtha BhagawaanE Sriman NaaraayaNA! We surrender to You". (But never 
sing Long live and Greetings to You and Your Beautiful Form - They never 
sing pallaaNdu.)

2. (Last pAsuram, AzhwAr mentioned the materialistic bhakthAs, who ask 
the Lord for Aishwaryam. Here he lambasts those who ask for liberation 
for their AthmA and its anubhavam (kaivalyar).) The four vEdAs in their 
first sections talk about aishwaryam (wealth) and the means to attain 
worldly, materialistic benefits. Those who are after and desire kaivalya 
jnAnam, do not involve themselves on such portions of Vedic knowledge. 
They study only the latter portions of VedAs, where the means to get rid 
of samsaaric ills, the viscious cycle of births /deaths are mentioned. 
They stand firm on such methods and steps as per VedAs, and reach the 
Lord and get AthmAnubhavam. They say "we have got rid of Deaths, Births, 
Old ageing, and Diseases" and enjoy only AthmAnubhavam. They only utter 
(just lip service) that they have become devotees /bhakthAs of 
Emperumaan, who holds the Divine ChakrA and are very happy with 
AthmAnubhavam. (by getting rd of births and deaths). Do they all think 
that they have been blessed to perform kaimkaryam to Emperumaan?. 

3. Poor Emperumaan! He, single handedly, all by Himself, carries the 
Sanghu and Chakram. Is there no one (no servant) for Him to help Him? 
AiyO! He is there lonely; and none to hold  His bow and sword. (Will I 
not go holding that and go behind Him like LakshmaNA went behind Ramaa?) 
I want to see His Feet and the Shoulders to fullest satisfaction while 
serving Him. Hence, I love to go behind Him only everyday in this world. 
I feel terribly bad and it hurts me to think of His loneliness. (That is 

4. My dearest Lord! You ate the universe as Your food (during PraLyam) 
to protect the same. You lied down on the leaf of a great Banyan tree as 
(an exquisite) Child, incomparable. Such a wonderful maayavan You are! 
You are Beauty Personified! I eagerly long and look forward to being 
blessed with such Darshan of Your Beauty. Every second (that I miss 
seeing You) appears like a terrible, dark, PraLya kaalam to me (when 
there is full of darkness.)

5. EmperumaanE! You are showing Yourself as lying down at Divya 
kshEthrams, ThirukkOLUr and ThirupuLingudi. Are You tired and resting 
due to Your tremendous exertion that You had undergone during Your 
avathaarams (in order to alleviate the sufferings of Your  devotees)? Or 
Are You tired due to Your measuring the whole world in one step? Please 
tell me. (paNiyaayE!- please tell me is one meaning. Another meaning: 
Order me to serve You. Is Your shoulder paining due to Your Ramaavataar? 
And is Your leg paining due to Your Trivikramavataar? Please order me to 
gently massage and squeeze Your shoulders and feet to comfort You!). 
(Thirumazhisai AzhwAr says: nadandhakaalkaL nonthavO ? Is the leg (that 
walked during Ramaavataar and krishNAvataar) paining? Is that why are 
You lying down?) (We can even imagine miming to Periya Piraatti- our 
sweet Dearest loving Mother also, who is massaging the Lotus Feet of 
Sriman Narayanan (when He is having His yOgha nithrA) to take rest for 
sometime and lie down while one of us can take over from Her to gently 
squeeze the Lord's Feet, while the other can perform kaimkaryam at our 
ammA's Feet too, enjoying and drinking Their Beauty uninterruptedly. 
(After all she also walked with Sri Ramaa!) How nice will that be? How 
Great will that be? - Oh No! I wish it were true!)   

6. NityasUrIs, who never bow down to any one else- always bow down to 
Emperumaan and pay their obeisance to Him. He is the object of Their 
jnAnam and obeisance. Please realise that He alone, the Most Beautiful 
One who has the Sanghu and Chakram, is the only God. He, the Curer of 
this most cruel disease of Births and Deaths, the robber of my heart- 
the Blue Hued Lord- walks so majestically.

7. People, for their respective works, shuttle between here 
(Thirunagari, where AzhwAr lives!) and ThiruvaNparisaaram. When there 
are so many travelling between Thirunagari and ThiruvaNparisaaram, is 
there absolutely NO ONE to help me and inform Emperumaan (who is there 
at ThiruvaNparisaaram Divya sthalam) about my situation? Will someone 
tell that LakshmInathan Emperumaan "When You are beautifully showing 
Yourself holding Sanghu and ChakrA, there is Your servant, one 
(SadagOpar) who is ready and willing to serve You"? What will I do?

8. ThirumaalE! The One who has the ChakrA! You covered the seven worlds, 
seven mountains, seven islands, seven Oceans, etc.. with Your Feet. I, 
who is also Your servant, should be blessed by You to serve You at Your 
Lotus Feet. When will You get a mind (ThiruvuLLam) to enable me serve 
You, standing at Your Most Beautiful Lotus Feet?

9. ThirumaalE! Who can know You fully? Even the Four faced BrahmA, 
Reddish Brown haired Sivan- Have they known or comprehended You fully? 
No. What is the use of muttering all this? You Beauty simply stupefies 
me! My love for You is troubling me! I have been repeatedly calling You 
as "Peerless, unmatched, unparalleled Primordial Chief! The Cause of 
Everything (even before the Cosmic cycle!). My Master! My ruler! The One 
who has the Dark, Beautiful ThirumEni (Body)!" . Isn't Your Beautiful 
form that simply torments me? (Inner meaning: Because of my love and 
madness for You, I am saying all this about You; Not because I have 
comprehended You. That is NOT possible even by Brahma, Sivan!)

10.  Sages like Janakar (who are great thapasvIs and Great jnAnIs- who 
are unambiguously clear of the Parathvam of Emperumaan) pay obeisance to 
Emperumaan. Not just them. The mukthars (who have crossed the terrible 
ocean of births) and Nithyars (who are never connected with Samsaara 
saagaram) also pay their obeisance to Bhagawaan and serve Him. Such 
Great Emperumaan, churned the Huge Ocean! Tell me. Is it appropriate and 
possible for us to fully, completely praise, talk and sing such a Lord's 
Glories and His kalyANa guNAs?

11. The Long haired Beautiful Lord SarvEshwaran showers His mercy and 
removes our confusions and vibharItha jnAnam (wrong knowledge that the 
Body is AthmA, etc.. and attaching ourselves to the body). Sri SadagOpar 
of Thirukkurugoor has sung in praise of such Greatest Emperumaan. Out of 
those 1000 pAsrams, those who read these ten, will NEVER EVER BE BORN IN 
THIS EARTH. (NampiLLai says: They will be born in Parama padham and 
perform NithyAnubhvam and kaimkarya anuhbhavam.)

NammAzhwAr ThiruvadaigaLE SaraNam

Ram Ram

With Best Regards

NarayaNa dAsan madhavakkannan

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