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Date: Fri Jul 17 1998 - 17:16:29 PDT

Subject: Vishnusahasranamam in English tranliterated version:
I downloaded the free software Itransltr1.2 from the site mentioned
This converts text or itrans documents into Devnagari or Romanised
English quickly and efficiently.  The fonts needed for this purpose are
included in the program.
A large number of classic texts are available in the site: : Vishnusahasranamam in
Itrans (.itx) is available here. After downloading this file, we can use
Itransltr 1.2 software to get either the Devnagari or Romanaised English
transliteration text.  The entire process hardly took 5 mts to complete.
Bhakti members who are interested may try this process to build a
personal record of Vedic-Upanishadic and other religious classics.
Adiyen Dasan
MK Krishnaswamy