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Srimad Bhagavad Geeta Chapter 4 Part 1 Parama Saaram by Thirukallam Narasimha Raghavachariar

From: Bharadwaj, Jaganath (
Date: Fri Jul 17 1998 - 14:56:00 PDT

In the fourth chapter, Sri Krishna explained how at the beginning of the
manvantara (there are 14 manvantaras in one day of Brahma.  There are
also 1,000 yugas during one day of Brahma.  On manvantara roughly lasts
for about 308.5 million years.  Srila Prabhupada's Bhagavad Gita as it
is gives the time of the Geeta being taught by Sri Krishna to the Sun
god at 120.4 million years ago.), He taught the concept of Karma Yoga
for the spiritual upliftment of all fallen souls.  By emphasizing the
fact that He explained Karma Yoga, Sri Krishna underscores its
superiority.  By stating that Jnaana Yoga is contained within Karma
Yoga, Sri Krsihna shows that Karma Yoga itself is a form of Jnaana Yoga.
 The nature of Karma Yoga is knowledge.  Jnaana Yoga is the principal
yoga among the various sub divisions of Karma Yoga.  Incidentally, the
secret behind Sriman Naaraayana's incarnations are stated.  This is the
essence of the fourth chapter of Srimad Bhagavad Geeta.

Sri Krishna:	"Oh Arjuna!  Don't think that I taught you Karma Yoga to
instigate you to fight the war and to get you motivated.  I taught Karma
Yoga as a means to liberation for all living entities drowning in the
ocean of nescience within the material world.  Surya taught this to Manu
and Manu to Ikshvaaku.  Learning this Karma Yoga as a part of family
tradition, it was mastered by Raajarshis like Ashwapti, Janaka and
Ambarisha.  For various reasons, the understanding of this Yoga was
lost.  Since you are devoted to Me and surrendered to Me, I am teaching
you this science of Karma Yoga complete with all its components and
accessories.  At this point there is no one other than Myself, with a
complete understanding of this Yoga, or with the ability to teach it.
Therefore, it has become a well preserved secret within the realms of
the Upanishads incapable of being expressed by the written word."

Arjuna:	"You and I are contemporaries.  Surya was born prior to the
current cycle of four yugas.  How am I to mentally accept your statement
that You taught this to Surya at the beginning of the manvantara?"

Sri Krishna:	"Paartha!  Are you implying that in your mind, an
individual is capable of having only one life?"

Arjuna:	"I was not thinking like that."

Sri Krishna:	"Then are you saying that since you do not remember what
you have learnt in previous lifetimes, it is difficult for you to accept
the fact that I remember what I taught in prior lifetimes?"

Arjuna:	"Oh Paramapurusha!  I am well aware of the fact that great souls
like Jada Bharata remembered events from previous lives."

Sri Krishna:	"Dhananjaya!  Are you wondering how this Son of Vasudeva
can remember everything that happened 120 million years ago, during this

Arjuna:	"Hrishikesa!  Great souls are known to talk about events that
took place way before their lifetime.  I am well aware of the fact that
You are all knowing and a silent witness to all events taking place
everywhere.  Devarishis like Narada, and Maharishis like Asita, Devala
and Vyasa have taught the universe that You are the Para Brahman and Adi
Kesava (the ancient creators of the primary gods like Brahma and Siva).
You Yourself have told me that You are the Lord of all that exists.
Therefore, I am well aware that You, Vaasudeva are the Lord of All."

Sri Krishna:	"Kaunteya!  What is the (hidden) implication behind your

Arjuna:	"Vaasudeva!  (1) You as the destroyer of everything loathsome,
gets rid of the cycle of birth and death for others.  Will You then
consent to this appalling process of taking birth in a material body
resulting in an endless cycle of birth, death, old age etc?

(2) You are Kalyaanaika daanan or the bestower of auspiciousness.  What
gain is there for a person who is blissful by nature, in taking birth in
a material body?

(3)  You are Sarveshwara or the Lord of all.  If there existed a person
superior to You, You could then be made to experience birth, death etc
subject to that superior person's will.  When no such person exists, why
would You accept a material body?

(4)  You are Sarvajnan or Omniscient or One who knows everything that
goes on everywhere at all times.  Only someone without knowledge of what
brings about good and what causes evil can fall into the trap of a
material body, because of His limited intelligence.  Why will you take
birth in this land of ignorance which is shunned by even the gods?

(5)  Satya Sankalpa!  Even a person with the knowledge of discrimination
between good and evil, ends up committing evil while intending to do
good (literally jumps into slush while thinking that he will land on dry
land).  The same cannot be said about You, since what You Will is the
truth, and whatever You Will, that gets done.

It cannot even be said that You incarnate to protect the world.  You are
perfectly capable of achieving that by Your mere Will.

(6)  You are the fulfillment of all desires.  You are the possessor of
all auspiciousness.  You have nothing to gain by incarnating here.  Why
did You show up as the Son of Vasudeva?  This is the purport of my

Sri Krishna:	"Arjuna!  Is My birth true, or did I conjure up this body?
Is this your first question?"

Arjuna:	"Yes."

Sri Krishna:	"Arjuna!  Both You and I have gone through many, many
births before.  I remember them all, both yours and Mine.  You do not
remember them.  Paartha!  Just as your consider all your births to be
true, My births are equally true."

Arjuna:	"Kanna!  What is the nature of these births?  Is it separate
from Your nature or combined with Your nature?  Is Your body material or
spiritual?  What is the reason for Your taking births?"

Sri Krishna:	"I am One who is not subject to birth or destruction.  I,
who am the Lord of all living entities and non living substance, take
birth by My own will, in My transcendental nature.  In other words, My
body is not made up of the combination of material elements of sattva,
rajas and tamas, as is everything else in this world.  I descend in My
hold and auspicious form made up of pure Sattva guna by My own free

Arjuna:	"When do You take birth?"

Sri Krishna:	"Bharata!  There are no time restrictions for My
incarnation.  In any age (yuga), when there is a decay in the rites to
be practiced by the four castes and the four stages (ashramas) within a
person life in each caste; when there is a rise in the practice of
irreligious activities among the population; at that time, I incarnate

Arjuna:	"Kanna!  Why do You incarnate?"

Sri Krishna:	"Arjuna!  I protect those pious souls who are devoted to
Me.  I destroy evil creatures.  Besides this, in order to re-establish
the highest principles of life, I incarnate age after age."

Arjuna:	"Vaasudeva!  All my doubts have been cleared.  Is there any
benefit to understanding the real (hidden) truth about Your

Sri Krishna:	"Arjuna!  That person who, while meditating on Me,
considers My incarnations to be wondrous; My pastimes to be
transcendental or extraordinary beyond anything that can be conceived
upon in the material world; he is relieved of all sins.  When he gives
up this body, he reaches me without taking birth in another material

Arjuna:	"Kesava!  Are there those that meditate upon the secret of Your

Sri Krishna:	"Oh son of Kunti!  There are many pure souls, who by
performing the austerity of meditating upon My incarnations, have been
relieved of the sins which stand in the way of their liberation.  These
people have sought MY protection and have attained to My (spiritual)

Arjuna:	"Oh Kannabiran!  You, who has no birth, incarnate and bless
those who seek Your protection!  Oh how easy it is to obtain Your mercy
(literally what saulabhyam)!"

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