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Two Factual Mistakes in the Posting pn the Great AcharyAs

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Thu Jul 16 1998 - 19:00:38 PDT

Dear BhakthAs of Sri Lakshmi Nrusimhan :

I apologize for two mix ups in factual information ,
which fortunately has been picked up by one of the great
bhakthAs of MaalOlan and I thank him for his careful
reading and bringing these inaccuracies to my attention .
The focus of the posting was on the 25th , 26th and the 27th 
Jeeyars as well as on the 37th Jeeyar .

Please make these two corrections to my posting :

1.The thirunakshtram of the 25th Jeeyar was  mistakenly
stated as Aani UthirattAthi . It is actually Aadi SvAthi .
In my transcriptions of the Acharya Thirunakshthrams , 
I had mistakenly transcribed the day of Aani UtthirAdhi ,
which happens to be the Thirunakshtram of the 23rd Jeeyar ,
SrivaNN SatakOpa Sri VeerarAghava SatakOpa Yatheendhra 
MahA Desikan , who ascended the peetam on BahudhAnya year
Aadi maasam( August 1758 ) and adorned the peetam 
for six years . His BrindhAvanam is at Sriranga pattiNam .
The 25th Jeeyar ( aadi Svathi ) has his BrindhAvanam 
at Sri Nrusimhapuram .

2. I have made a mistake between the 34th and 37 th Jeeyar .
The 37th jeeyar about whom I wrote is known as
PillaippAkkam Jeeyar and NOT Atthippattu jeeyar
as indicatd by me .I wa sreading a grantham by 
the Atthippattu Jeeyar . Former's BrindhAvanam 
(37th Jeeyar's ) is at Sri Nrusimhapuram and 
the latter's(34th )is at ThiruveLLUr .The 37th Jeeyar is 
revered as Sri VeerarAghava Yatheendhra Maha Desikan 
and the 34th Jeeyar is revered as Sri SatakOpa
RaamAnuja Yatheendhra MahA Desikan .

My apologies for any confusion caused ,
Daasan Sadagopan