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Sri Ranganatha Padhuka Sahasram(RPS)

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Thu Jul 16 1998 - 17:31:33 PDT


Dear Dr. Sudhakar Marur,

You had requested for an available English translation for RPS. Our 
Dearest Sri V.SadgOpan, has done that mamooth kaimkaryam (as usual) by 
posting them to Bhakti Group, somewhere around March to June 97. 

Please find below his message on availbale tamil editions, and from Our 
Sri Mani (an encyclopedia of Vaishnava information packed in his 
brain!). They are self explanatory. 

It is our great fortune and poorva janma puNyam (definitely not mythis 
janmam's) that we are associated with such BhAgawathAs. 

You may like to check with Sri V.Sadagopan Swamin further on this. 

Ram Ram

With Best Regards

NarayaNa dAsan madhavakkannan

Dear Sri T.S. SundararAjan:

Thanks very much for your encouragement 
to publish the meanings/commentary appearing 
in our Bhakthi list on Sri RanganAtha 
PaadhukhA Sahasram(RPS)in a book 
format , if such an effort has not been undertaken
already . To the best of my knowledge , there is
no English rendering-cum gloss on RPS today.

The Commentaries of the late Abhinava Desika , 
Sri Uttamoor SwamigaL and that of NammANdavan/
Aakkoor AaNdavn in Tamil are the only ones that I
know off . Actually , I am using them as references 
and blending their complimenatary points of views 
to pay reverence to the two AchArya ParamparAs 
and their sampradhAic views and presenting them 
in a way that will be easier for us to appreciate 
the extraordinary genius of Swami Desikan 
and his  reverence for NammAzhwAr .

If Lord RanganAthA wills , the task of releasing 
these postings in a cogent format with slokams in 
the DevanAgari script and the careful transliteraton
of the Roman alphabets with diacriticals as well as
inclusion of the aruLiccheyal pAsurams in Tamil 
would all fall in place. 

I have completed the first draft of translations 
of the 1008 verses already . The version included 
in the current postings constitute the next version 
that blends the AaNdavan Aasramam view points with 
those of Uttamoor SwamigaL's sampradhAyam .

The slokams of Chithra Paddhathi , Nirvdha 
Paddhathi and the Pala paddhthi are deep in 
meaning . It is going to take some time to cover
them to the best of my ability . 

May the Divya MaNi PaadhukhAs of Sri RanganAthA
and Hayagreeva Bhagavan guide me further and 
bring the kaimkaryam to an auspicious conclusion .



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SrImAn V. Sadagopan would know whether any English rendering-cum-gloss
of SrI pAdukA-sahasram has been published by anyone so far.   If
negative, I wd request SrI Sadagopan to consider publishing one, by
making use of his comprehensive postings to the 'bhakti list'.   The
book format would, of course, reorganising the material which we have
been enjoying on our 'list'.  The SlOkam shd invariably be in dEvanAgari
script, with a careful transliteration in Roman alphabet with
diacriticals, and any aruLiccheyal pASurams that are cited shd be
printed in Tamil script.   These are DTP days and this trilingual effort
would be worth it!

aDiyEn rAmAnujadAsan T.S. Sundara Rajan (at Memphis).

In addition to the Paduka Sahasram editions mentioned
by Sri Sadagopan, I have one by Panditaraja D.T. Tatacharya
Svamin. It is a detailed work with word for word translation
and detailed explanation in Tamil, as well as a pictorial
explanation of slokas in the Citra-paddhati (picture-poems).


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