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Re: worshipping "incorrectly"

From: Mani Varadarajan (
Date: Wed Jul 15 1998 - 16:29:35 PDT

Vijay Srinivasan wrote:
>> Q2. Would bhakti cover any mistakes done by incorrect worship? As He
>> is the ocean of mercy, wouldn't He tolerate the mistakes done by me in
>> worshipping Him?
> My answer is:
> I think the answer is No.  Every activity of ours creates ripples on the
> universal equilibrium and the effect must be worked off.

It would seem that the attitude of the worshipper
is what is more important.  Is not Krishna's teaching
in the Gita that selfless action dedicated to Him
causes no karma? With this in mind, I would conclude
that someone who worships with selfless love, not
looking for any personal benefit (i.e., a paramaikAntin)
is bereft of any fault if there is a lapse in performance.

However small the offering, if given with selfless love,
is incomprehensibly dear to Him. What then if an imperfect
being unintentionally slips up here or there?