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Date: Wed Jul 15 1998 - 15:09:18 PDT

Vivek had posed the following question

Q1. Is it better not to worship at all than to worship incorrectly i.e
not following the injunctions mentioned in the scriptures?

My answer is:

As someone said:  Achieving excellence is in man's domain but perfection is
in God's domain.  I think no man can claim perfection.  Therefore, not
being able to do something correctly should not be an excuse to drop that
activity.  All that is expected of us is to do our best.  In the ultimate
analysis the +ve will far outweigh the -ve.

Q2. Would bhakti cover any mistakes done by incorrect worship? As He
is the ocean of mercy, wouldn't He tolerate the mistakes done by me in
worshipping Him?

My answer is:

I think the answer is No.  Every activity of ours creates ripples on the
universal equilibrium and the effect must be worked off.  'Na Vaishamya
Nairgrunyhe Saapekshatvaat" and "Parjanyavat Isvaraha".  Isvara is neutral
and every karma of ours has to take its effect.  Even for a prapanna, his
good or bad karmas are distributed to others at the end.  It is not
washed-off by a ever merciful Isvara.


Vijayaraghavan Srinivasan.