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Thiruvaaymozhi 8.1- Please make me serve You eternally, Lord!

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Tue Jul 14 1998 - 02:13:47 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

Still AzhwAr's desire to enjoy performing kaimkaryam has not 
materialised. However he has more faith now on Emperumaan and describes 
His state of being the saviour of His devotees always and of our eternal 
connection with the Lord. Thus, AzhwAr does not have any semblance of 
doubt if at all He will come to save him. 

1. BhagawaanE! Why should I lament and worry when You are with Your 
BhUmi Piraatti and Periya Piraatti? (means they are there to recommend 
my case to You). Also, to carry out Your Divine commands and orders, 
there are NityasUris readily available at Your Lotus Feet. You, the 
ruler of all  three worlds- show Yourself in the exact form (whatever 
form) Your devotees desire and worship You and bless them. You have 
simply captured me with Your lovely Most Beautiful Red Lotus Eyes and 
Your round, enchanting Coral lipped mouth and are terribly disturbing 
me! My uyirE! (life!), Oh My Dearest Emerald! My Nectarine beauty! My 
Father! The One who churned the Milky Ocean! Please bless me to have 
Your Darshan with my (physical) eyes. (kamalak kaNNanadhu Or pavaLavaay 
maNiyE! AaviyE! AmudhE! Alaikadal kadaintha appanE!-)
2. I have been suffering heavily and am remorse with tears very often 
thinking of You and Your mercy that You will bless me, (the Greatest 
sinner) have Your darshan. I long to reach You in different ways and in 
various means, and with that craving, I keep on uttering Your names very 
many times and suffer terribly. Is this Your mercy on me, Lord? KaNNA! 
You are like the Sweet fruit ("kaRpaka kani") to adiyEn (me.), Your 
eternal servant! You are like the Sweet nectar to bhAgawthAs! (those who 
are desirous of seeing You). Oh Masculine EmperumaanE! The One who 
brought back the Mother Earth and saved the same! Please bless me to 
have Your darshan.
3. KannA! The Dearest darling child of NandhagOpan! You gave yasOdhA 
unbounded limitless joy. You were like the Lion among the cowherd (aayar 
kulam). Such a Greatest Lord only is my Dearest Lord. You tore open the 
body of HiranYan (the one who craved for fights with others) into two 
pieces with Your sharp nails and killed that asuran. That day You 
appeared so spontaneously and now You have NOT yet appeared to save me! 
Should You not come in some form that suits for me? If You do not come 
to me now and save me from these troubles and dangers, how will Your 
bhAgawathAs (who have Your guNAs only as their food for their lives) 
believe You?
4.  You take the form of the most desired shape/body (ThirumEni) in 
which Your bhakthAs (adiyaargaL) (ones who are Yours at all times) would 
long to see You always. You take mercy on such BhagawathAs, who are 
simply engrossed in their enormous bhakti (devotion) towards You and in 
order to involve them and enchant them further, you perform various 
mischievous deeds as a Great Maayavan. Like that- You are at the 
disposal of BhagawathALs and I possess that jnAnam (knowledge) of Your 
sowlabhyam. Still, due to my karmic disease, I get into little doubt 
whether it is true or not. How can I talk about Your Great acts of 
performing the KurukshEthra yuddham and destroying the vast Kaurava 
armies? You are the limitless and unbounded nectar (amudham) to dEvAs, 
while You are such a poison for asurAs (asurAs, who are born and/or 
asurAs, who become one, by their nature). Such Greatest Lord, -You are 
and the One who is my Life itself. (amarar tham amudhE! Asurar tham 
nanjE! ennudai aaruyirEyO!)
5. EmperumaanE! When You are there as the life (jIvan) for me (who is 
the "sarIram" (body) for You), what can I do to reach You and How? 
(There is nothing for me to do or to offer to You- Everything is Yours 
including myself). This vast-huge Earth- You created the same- and In 
order to protect You brought it back during Your Varaaha avataaar and 
You retained it in Your stomach and brought it out during PraLayam 
(Cosmic cycle). You are the One as Trivikraman, who measured the whole 
universe in Your two steps! You are the Grandest Chief who created the 
huge Milky Ocean and lied down on it! (and have "aRithuyil"). You are 
the one who churned the same Milk Ocean! (for giving nectar to dEvAs). 
You are the One who built the bridge across the sea (during Rama 
avataar!). You are the chieftain, SarvEshwaran of dEvAs, (who themselves 
are greater than human beings in their wealth and nature). You are the 
life (jIvan) of these worlds- supporter of them- the Director of them- 
and have them as Your body (SarIram). (With such innumerable strings of  
greatness in Your nature and guNAS), How can I ever try to attempt even 
to see You? You out of Your mercy on me and out of Your grace should 
show Yourself to me.
6. Oh My Dearest Ruler! When the seven worlds are under Your command, is 
it possible to reach You with my own efforts? In this world, the demi 
Gods whom You have appointed are all under Your direction and order. The 
pUjA performed to these demi Gods and the acts they perform (like 
creation, destruction etc..) are all actually delegated to them by You. 
(They are all under Your control.) The vast (outside the universe) 
tatvAs like "mahat" (The Cause) are all under Your ruling. The 
"sookshuma"  tatvA (the most minutest state of chit ) are also under 
Your order. The muktha jIvAthmAs (who are not visible by naked eyes) are 
all under Your command. When such is the case about Your Power, 
7. Oh KaNNA! The One who hugged the shoulders of Nappinnai Piraatti and 
married her! Everything and all objects are under Your control and 
direction. The Past, the present and the future - the objects that live 
in these trikaalams (three times) are all under Your ruling. When such 
is the case, that object- (which is far away),  this object (which is 
the nearest one) and the in between one are all created to do good to 
You (as a part of Your leelA). Even though I possess the knowledge of 
such a tatvam (i.e: He has All (except Him) in Him as ones belonging to 
Him as His sarIram), due to my incorrigible enormous sins that I had 
committed in the past, I still have a little "samsayam" (suspicion) on 
this. You are so sweet like the milk that has just been milked (from the 
cow); so tasty like the Ghee in that milk. You are like the sweetest 
nectar of ThiruppaaRkadal! You are the experience of that joy /bliss/ 
happiness/ pEraanandham that one derives from tasting that tasty amudham 
(nectar)! (You are the tasty "akkaara adisil") Since You are so tasty 
and sweet, (which is beyond one's comprehension and perception), I get 
such a suspicion? (Please read the words in Tamil for better taste of 
AzhwAr's "akkaara adisil"- kaRandha paal neyyE! Neyyin  insuviayE! 
KadalinuL amudhamE! Amudhil piRandha insuvaiyE! Suvaiyadhu payanE! 
Pinnai thOL maNandha pErAyA!" What a Thamizh! - The ghee from akkaara 
adisil is flowing down the wrist dripping from the elbow -"mooda ney 
peydhu muzhanghai vazhivaara")
8. Oh Chief (of Cowherd men)! The One who united with Nappinnai 
Piraatti! You have captured me (the Great sinner who has not got You 
with me) with  Your Great Most auspicious kalyANa guNAs and made me 
suffer terribly languishing for You. You are like a Yaman to the cruel 
asurAs! You have the GarudA (by whose mere glance can kill its enemies) 
as Your flag! You have the AdhisEshan (1000 headed) as Your bed! You are 
there having Yogha nithra at ThiruppaaRkadal, EAGERLY AWAITING the call 
of Your devotees! Even after having my mind, my words, and even myself 
under Your ruling, I still do not know HOW TO PAY obeisance to You. 
Since, everything is under Your ruling and direction, there is nothing 
that I need to do or act. Hence, You should only save me.
9. (This pAsuram is quite deep in its meanings and content! Also 
NampiLLai's eedu vyAkhyaanam  beautifully explains it and is self 
explanatory, which I have detailed below: Perhaps, learned Sisters and 
Brothers can add value to my blathering on this rich deep, pAsuram!) 
BhagawaanE! (Oh Lord!) Since You are there in everything and everything 
is in You, I AM ALSO IN YOU. YOU ARE ALSO IN ME. To tell further, You 
are even the cruel hell. Hence, whether I go to Parama Padham or I 
proceed to hell (i.e. birth in this world again), though they are one 
and the same (because they are all part of You only), I am still scarred 
of the hell (further births!). The reason is: After having clearly 
realised and experienced being Your servant, why should I reach the 
hell? Oh parama Padha nAthanE! Please bless me by showing Your Lotus 
Feet! (NampiLLai's vyAkhyAnam: I am Your sEshan- and am in You as an 
ornament  / a part belonging to You. There is no doubt about it. My 
samsaaric ills (which are like the most cruel hell to me) are also Your 
sEshathvam only. Hence, when I and my enemy (my samsaaric ills) both are 
under Your control and are Your sEshathvam- How does it matter whether I 
go to Parama Padham or back to samsaara saagaram? It is essential for a 
sEshan to please and act per directions of sEshI. (Slave to do as per 
Master's actions only!). Even then- if I get back to this Samsaara 
saagaram- I am scared that I WILL FORGET THIS (LITTLE) KNOWLEDGE that I 
possess about Your Seshathvam and Your Sarvarakshathvam. Hence, YOU 
PLEASE bless me to call me and involve me in Your Nitya vibhUthI (Parama 
Padham) to perform eternal kaimkaryam to You (in order to grant me 
eternal limitless unbounded blissful happiness). Please show mercy on me 
and show Your Lotus Feet to me, Lord!- What an explanation by 
10. Oh My Father! You are the JyOthiswarUpI! You have thousands of 
shoulders! Your Heads (Thirumudi) are also thousands! Like the bunch of 
fresh, lovely, Beautiful flowers- the eyes are thousands! You have 
thousands of Feet! Your Divya thirunaamams (names) are thousand; Such 
Greatest Emperumaan You are! You have blessed me and elevated me higher 
and higher by showing Your Lotus Feet! (The Lord has actually shown His 
Lotus Feet to our AzhwAr!). You have captured me, enslaved me and You 
have shown Your Lotus Feet- What and How can I repay You, My Dearest 
Lord! (Dearest Sisters and Brothers, See the next statement- Imagine 
AzhwAr's ecstasy in his attempt to repay back and his enjoyment of 
surrendering to the Lord!) I will hug the shoulders of my "uyir" -life- 
(jIvan) and surrender my AthmA to give "it" to You as the price for what 
You have done to me. (Read again! AzhwAr has personified his jIvan and 
hugs it by its shoulders to jointly surrender his AthmA to the Lord!). 
My uyir jIvan DOES NOT BELONG and hence, is NOT FOR ANYONE ELSE. I AM 
replies to the question of how one can give the AthmA as the price for 
What Emperumaan has done when it is actually His. The reason is : AzhwAr 
is so overwhelmed in joy and is so excited that he talks in such state 
of tremendous absolute bliss.) 
11. Paramapadham, This world,- Emperumaan is the Chief of them; He is 
the Father of Sivan, Brahman, the Sages, dEvas, and all others. He is 
the SarvEshwaran. He alone is the Unparalleled, unmatched, peerless, 
"than oppAril appan- Oppiliappan" Chief. About such Greatest Emperumaan- 
Sri SadgOpar of Thirukkurugoor has sung and composed most dearly and 
devotedly 1000 pAsurams. Out of them, these ten have been sung with 
garlands of words. Oh Servants (of Emperumaan!) please read them and GET 
SAVED! You will definitely get saved!

NammAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE saraNam

Ram Ram

With Best Regards

NarayaNa dAsan madhavakkannan

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