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Please don't forward mails like this unless u know them person ally.

From: kannankvs (
Date: Mon Jul 13 1998 - 09:42:00 PDT

I am attaching the mail from Divya Singh which gives the actual scenario.

/*********** REPLY MAIL FROM DIVYA SINGH *********************/
      I request you to give me the address of the person who has sent =
you this mail.This mail originaly came from a friend of mine,who has =
forwarded it to me.I sent it to a few of my friends with an intention of   
helping that person.Ultimately,it so happened that, the message in the =
mail has changed and it is saying that my husband is ill.I don't know =
why people do this kind of mischief .Actually I have been receiving =
20-25 mails per day,which is disturbing my work.I request you to forward   
this mail to all your friends and ask them not to write to me.


Please forward such mails.. to ALL  only when it is regarding
a person known well to you..

i feel bad to send this mail to ALL .. but i think this will be
an eye opener to all of us here..

No bad feelings

thanks and regards

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>>Shiva Kumar G
>>Subject: FW: Fwd: Save Life....
>>Date: Thursday, July 09, 1998 10:38AM
>> -
>>>Subject: Save Life....
>>>Date: Wed, 8 Jul 1998 07:41:41 -0400
>>>>>From Divya Singh :
>>>>Hi everyone,
>>>>"This is important to I am asking you to please forward it.
>>>>Please send to all contacts.  If anyone you know has  survived non
>>>>cell lung cancer PLEASE, PLEASE contact me at e-mail
>>>><  or ICQ 9537256. My husband has it and I would
>>>>like to know what treatment was used.  Please forward to everyone on
>>>>your contact list. From the bottom of my heart I thank you.
>>>>Thank you,
>>>>Divya Singh
>>>>Please Contact here :
>>>>  SIEMENS             Siemens Information System Limited
>>>>                                #84,Keonics Electronics  City
>>>>                                Hosur Road,Bangalore-561229
>>>>                                India
>>>>  Divya Singh                 
>>>>Tel.+91-80-8521122(10 lines)
>>>>Fax +91-80-8521117
>>>>Get Your Private, Free Email at
>>Get Your Private, Free Email at