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From: Mukunda Raghavan (
Date: Thu Jul 09 1998 - 00:19:14 PDT

Sree Rama

  I wanted to express my awe, respects and appreciation to all of you
bhagavathas.  You have all done a great job in discussing and explaining
our universal philosophy and way of life.  I have been on the list for a
couple of months now but not said anything because i decided to listen
before i speak.  My name is Mukunda Madhava Shesasheyi Vijaya Raghavan,
i go by Mukunda and i am 18yrs old going on 19 in october.  I come from
a family that has deep convictions on Sriman MahalakshmiNarayana, the
Supreme and Divine Couple.  I was at a time in my life between 14-16 in
which i was very doubting about our beliefs and culture because of
influences of living and being raised in the united states.  The fact
that many things in our western world tries to breakdown our "Hindu"
beliefs contributed to my uncertainity.  But one day in my senior year
of highschool, i decided to read the Bhavagad Gita As It Is, and from
that moment on the whole world started to slowly and steadly make sense.
What even furthered this thrist for knowledge and devotion in me was the
music and devotion of the great haridasa's like purandara dasa,
tulasidas and tyagraja.  These great men and women devoted their whole
existance and soul to the supreme, something that i rarely saw in the
western world.  Since then i have restarted my carnatic training which i
had been learning since i was a mere boy and been reading as many
different type of books on our "hindu" religion as i can.  I am also
trying to learn to write tamil, kannada and sanskrit but it is difficult
with school and other activities.  I would like to during my lifetime
help promote The Vedic Philosophy which i believe consistent says that
Sriman Narayana Vaasudeva is the supreme Brahaman.  I would like to help
translate the vedic works into english and other languages but show them
through the philosophy of ramanujacharya. But still being a young and
very ignorant person, i still need knowledge on our beliefs. To this
extent would you please excuse me for any thing that i have done, am
doing or will do whether it be in my action, word or thought.

Sree Rama
Sriman Narayano Vijayathe