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Phala Sruti
Date: Wed Jul 08 1998 - 12:48:58 PDT

Dear Sudarsan,

Thank you for seeking clarification why the ' Phala' in Phalasruti is called
'Sruti' in contrast to the 'Stuti' part.  

Perhaps you would have noticed that I do not embark on indiscriminately
replying to any query asked by anybody at any time and at any forum just like
that, to show off my knowledge (in the process,  revealing my ignorance ! ).
As you have raised the question in public, I will try to answer. But, I cannot
claim to be absolutely correct.

You also know that If, however, a query is addressed to my personal e. mail, I
would not fail to give a reply as best as I can . And, if I am not sure, I
refer back to our Acharyas to get an authoritative reply. 

Regarding Phala sruti being called a "Sruti" in contrast to the "Stuti" part
of any Stotra, there is a vital difference between the two. 

While Stuti or Stotra is addressed to the Lord or Thayar who are bound to take
note of the outpourings of the Bhakta composing the Stuti, the Phala part of
it is addressed to us, common folk who may be indifferent unless a clarion
call is administered to us since we are interested only in the Phala and will
pay any 
' heed ' only if this is projected !. 

In this part, the author commands our attention in the fashion of  ' Hark',
and ' Lend me your ears'. As Sruti comes from the root ' Sru ' to hear,
obviously the exortation to us to ' hear ' what benefits could accrue to us by
reciting the Stuti. At least after listening to this, some of us may recite
the Stuti concerned and seek those benefits !. 

I think that this is one of the reasons why  Phalasruti carries the
appellation of Sruti.

Since you are in India, I think you can get a clarification from any of the
numerous scholars there. And, if you come up with any new light on the
subject, you may regale us with your inimitable style.

Anbil Ramaswamy