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Re: Our Sampradhayam

From: narayanan kazhiyur (
Date: Wed Jul 08 1998 - 05:36:32 PDT

Sri mathe ramanujaya namaha:

this has reference to the age of sri sampradayam.

i would like to add some more as i so far have perceived.

our sampradayam was very much exsistent  during vyasa/sukha/parasara 
period. howevever, the connection was lost because of advent  of buddism 
and jainisim and hindu's more insistence on rituals rather than real 

it was (here we have to accept with full reverence)only  Adi 
Sankaracharya, he started propogating hinduism(sanatana dharma) 
throughout the country by visits,mutts etc.

alas.. he was in this world only for 32-33 years and there was lot of 
loose ends. Sri ramanuja had to take the fort by giving cortrect 
intepretation of bramha sutra/bhagwas gita .It was only because of Sri 
Ramanuja, there was clarity in philosophy and on the strength of it he 
created a system/order that we rever today as sri 
sampradayam(emberumanar darsanam)

his job was much easier in the sense that he had the support of works of 
alwars/nadamuni and earlier bhagavatas.

even maxmuller in his account on indian philosophy has acknowledged that 
Sri Ramananuja was clear in his arguments,sensible and highly 

further one may wonder why sampradayam did not flourish across seas.we 
should be aware that our earlier brahminical system, brahmins were 
barred from crossing seas.( buddists did a good job in this connection) 

best regards

km narayanan

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