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Thiruvaaymozhi 7.8- What a wonder is He! Aaccharyamaanavan avan-Emperumaan!

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Tue Jul 07 1998 - 02:11:23 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

This ten describes AzhwAr's losing himself (with awe) to Emperumaan's 
wonderful vichithra shakti (power) and vibhUthI of being in the form of 
everything in the universe (including the universe) and still be at 
Paramapadham. Aaccharyamaana Emperumaan and Aaccharyamaana patthu!

1. Oh MaayavanE! (Mysterious Lord!) The One who does great wonderful 
acts! The One who appeared as short Vaamanan! MadhusoodhanA! You ARE the 
One who directs as the Nirvaahaghan (master) and is the Pancha bhUthAs 
of the world, namely Fire, Water,  Earth, Space and the Air. You are the 
One who comes as Mothers, Fathers, and all other relatives to help the 
people. You ARE the One who stays inside the ChEtanAs and achEtanAs and 
directs them. Thus, even though You exist in so many forms, YOU STILL 
EXIST IN YOUR Divya MangaLa ThirumEni (Divine FORM) TOO at Sri 
Vaikuntam. (That is VisishtAdvaitam!) What a WONDER YOU ARE to exist in 
so many forms, simultaneously! 

2. Oh AchuthA! The One who has Honey dripping Beautiful flowers and 
Coolest Fragrant ThuLasi on Your Head! You ARE the One who shows as the 
Sun and the Moon! and as the bright stars as well! You are also exist as 
the Darkness! You ARE the One the rains! You are the fame as well as 
blame! You ARE the One who is Yaman too!  What a WONDER YOU ARE 

3. Oh Parthasaarathy! The One who drove the Chariot in the Battlefield 
of KurukshEthram! You, The possessor of the Most Beautiful, Most 
Strongest ChakrAyudham, ARE the Chief for all YughAs and time 
immemorial! Since the Beginning, You ARE the Director as anthryaami and 
also the creator of differences and similarities as well in anything and 
everything that You create! (like DevAs, Human are all jIvans; but are 
of different categories still! the jIvAtmA in you and I are same, but 
are still different from each other! they still form part of the whole 
Sriman Narayanan as His SarIram!) YOU ARE SUCH A MARVEL! Such a wonder 
You are who is so mysterious and maayavan! who is flabbergasting 
everyone else with Your wonders!

4. BhagawaanE! The One who has the eyes, like that of just  blossomed 
Honey filled Lovely red Lotus flower! You are directing both Permanent 
and non permanent beings/objects; (You are the perishable achit and Non 
perishable chit). You ARE lying down on AdhisEshan at ThiruppaaRkadal, 
and are thinking on various acts/measures and strategies to protect and 
save the world! (one such is this e-mail group, Sisters and Brothers!) 
(Since there are millions of varieties of chEtanAs, He has to act 
varieties of strategies, for each one!) What a Great Lord You ARE! What 
all methods You adopt for saving us! Please show mercy on me and show me 
to comprehend Your methods and means of such wonderful acts! (Since You 
are Omniscient, only You can understand that!)

5. (This pAsuram is the BEST One!) BhagawaanE! MaayavanE! The One who 
adorns the Head with Most Fragrant Thirutthuzhaay Garland! You 
simultaneously co exist as both the SarIram (Body) and the AthmA who 
directs that! You exist as both Births and Deaths as well! You ARE the 
One who removed my ajjnAnam (ignorance) and vibharItha jnAnam (wrong 
knowledge) and changed me into Your eternal servant! Even after that, 
What is this ACT of Yours? What is this mystery of Yours to do such a 
strategy on me, Your servant? Why My Dear Father? I apprehend that You 
are PLANNING to desert me in this samsaara saagaram! Please have mercy 
on me! (Excellent! Isn't it?)

6. Without any partiality, any bias, You protect and enslave anyone who 
reaches You and surrenders to You. Oh VaamanA! (When You appeared as 
Vaamanan, one can see that You are capable of such stupefying acts that 
enchant them!) You should bless me with clear knowledge about You and 
remove my ajjnAnam! You are the One who is both forgetfulness as well as 
the Clear mind! You are both fire as well as the Cool water! You ARE THE 
ONE who is THE WONDER ITSELF as well as the Objects of such wonders! 
You, who shows Himself as the Success, ARE the One who is the PuNya 
paapa karmAs and their consequences too. You ARE The One to grant jnAnam 
to Your devotees that gives tremendous sorrows/confusion to Your 
devotees about such wonderful, mysterious acts of Yours. Thus, Your 
existence simply stupefies us! (may be out of context? This reminds me 
of recent Tamil Poet KaNNa daasan, (a Krishna bhakthA) who wrote : 
"piRappaal varuvadhu yaadhenak kEttEn; piRandhu paar ena iRaivan 
PaNitthaan; iRappaal varuvadhu yaadhenak kEttEn; iRandhu paar ena 
iRaivan PaNitthaan ; anubhavippadhu naan thaanE enil aaNdavanE nee yEn? 
enak kEttEn. ANdavan saRRu aruginil vandhu anubhavam enbhadhE naan thaan 
enRaan"..... Meaning: I asked the Lord "What is that which comes of 
birth?" the Lord ordered "Be born and you will see."  I asked the Lord 
"What is that which comes of death?" the Lord ordered "Be dead and you 
will see." I asked "then, why are You there, Lord! if everything is to 
be experienced by us only;" The LORD CAME NEARER TO ME AND SAID "THE 

7. KaNNA! You are the creator of all sorrows! (that is great!- He is the 
one who starts off everything to pull us into these samsaaric ills! with 
prakritti maNdalam, karmAs, etc.. etc..! He is upaayam and upEyam for 
our redemption!) "thuyaranghaL seyyum KaNNA!" BhagawaanE! The Dense Long 
Black curly haired Lord! You are the One who instilled the thinking in 
me, which gives me sorrows! (It is not the thinking of "I am Your 
eternal servant"; but of the egoistic thinking of "I am the free, 
independent person, who is everything and Brahman Himself" is what gives 
sorrows!). You are that False pride in oneself and the illusory pleasure 
and false happiness that one derives by being so! You are the Desire 
that one has for longing for earthly, materialistic pleasures. You are 
the stationary and moving objects. (sthaavaram and janghamam). You are 
the  One who directs being stationary and being mobile, for sthaavaram 
and janghamam. You are so much of an actor and Director. I can NOT 
comprehend Your actions, that give us such various samsaaric sorrows. 
me all.

8. KaNNA! The One who enslaves me! What all leelAs are You Playing 
there! No one knows. Even a Great jnAnI can not fully understand You. 
You are such Grandest, Wonderful Lord! You are the Cause of all things 
and are the One who is staying in the Objects of all three worlds! (or 
You exist as the athmA of all three types of beings (bhatthar, mukthar 
and nithyar). You are there inside and outside as well. Like that the 
objects, the athmAs- You exist everywhere both inside and outside. 
(anthar bahitschathath sarva vyApya NarayaNasthithah:). For all of us- 
This is an Accharyam! (A Great wonder!) How is it possible for You to be 
like this,- totally completely incomprehensible? 

9. My KaNNA! How are You staying There and with what nature and what 
sort? The hands- legs- all parts of the body are all You only. The 
desirous longing of sense organs, namely, taste, seeing, touch, smell 
and sound are also spanned by You. When we try to know You, it keeps on 
continuing; there is no ending. It is unbounded, limitless, spanning of 
You in everything. (Here AzhwAr says: Emperumaan has KarmEndhriyAs, 
jnAnEndriyAs and five sense organs as His vibhUtIs).

10. As the very old apaurushEya vEdas proclaim, You are the formless 
chit (jIvathmA) and the physical achit (achEthanAs). Oh PiraanE! The One 
who has the Most Fragrant Thuzhaay Garland on Your Chest! My achuthA! 
(The One who shows Himself at Paramapadham!) We can never attempt to 
measure Your Glories and wonders in words; TO WHATEVER EXTENT ONE 
ARE such a Sowlabhyan! Sowseelyan!

11. He is like this or that- The One who can NOT be so categorically 
known or understood- about such Emperumaan- Sri SadagOpar has sung in 
the most fitting (to Him and His Glories) 1000 Tamil Pasurams. Those who 
read these ten out of 1000, will BE BLESSED WITH A GREAT ANUBHAVAM OF 

NammAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE saraNam   

Ram Ram

With Best Regards

NarayaNa dAsan madhavakkannan

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