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RE: Our Sampradhayam

From: Rajagopalan, Murli, NCSIO (
Date: Mon Jul 06 1998 - 08:48:50 PDT

Please refer to SM Srinivasa Chari's book on Vaishnavism for everything you
want to know about Vaishnavism.  I believe that according to our aachaaryas,
Vaishnavism is the only true vedic religion practiced during even the
rgvedic times.  So, the sampradaayam existed much before Raamaanuja.
 -- Murali Kadambi

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> Sent: 	Monday, July 06, 1998 11:08 AM
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> Subject: 	Our Sampradhayam
>      Dear Sri Vaishnavas,
>      All the rich tradition and culture, that we are following as Sri
>      Vaishnavites now were Sri Ramanujar's Niyamanam (i.e) we are now
>      following the guidelines given by Sri Ramanujar for doing the
>      Thiruvaaraadhanam, Ghosti and following the Nitya-Anusandhanams.
>      However, Sri Vaishnavism is existing even before Sri Ramanujar. In
>      those times, no body recognised the Tamizh Divya Prabhandams, or
>      during the period, prior to the Azhwars, no prabhandams existed.
>      But there certainly would have been a Sampradhayam for the Sri
>      Vaishnavites during that period.
>      Can anyone in our group who knows about this, enlighten me and all
> our
>      other members as to how our Sri Vaishnavism was practised before
>      Ramanujar.
>      Is there any reference book available on this.
>      Please do throw some light on these.
>      Daasan
>      Thirumalai Vinjamoor Venkatesh