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Re: Revised Home Page of Sri Venakatesh Elayavalli

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sat Jul 04 1998 - 06:00:20 PDT

DEar BhakthAs :

Sriman Elayavalli has been doing yeoman service thru 
many kaimkaryams to archive Sri VaishNava Source 
granthAs  in addiiton to designing and
managing the beautiful home pages of 
SaraNAgathi Journal .

In the revised home page of His
( ,
he has made number of new entries 
on links and has outlined his plans 
for future work , where he would benefit
from access to othe rgranthAs that he wishes 
to include in the comprehensive list of 
source granthAs . Please consult with him 
so that he can help in adding  them thru
access to such texts .

In this home page , I would like to invite
your particular attention to a
vintage article dated 1910-11 by Late Sriman
A.Govindachari on the doctrinal differences
between " the Northern and Southern Traditions "
of VaishNavam . There , the author summarizes brilliantly
and impartially the 18 differences and the sections
on " Prapatthi , Prapanna and caste , Does Prapatthi
win or buy grace" are very informative for 
the students of VasihNavism . There are other 
articles that are equally informative such as 
Artha Panchakam .

with Thanks to Sri Elayavalli's kaimkaryam ,
 >To: Venkatesh Elayavalli <>
>From: Sadagopan <>
>Subject: Re: Modifications
>At 04:58 PM 6/27/98 -0700, you wrote:
>>Dear Sirs,
>>I have revised my Home page to be more taillored to Sri Vaishnava
>>Issues. I have included some of the organizationa and other WEB
>>sites that I am aware off.
>>I would appreciate if you can review the index page. I have also
>>applied for a domain name which will be
>>tied ot this page. Please let me know if I am missing any of the
>>links, that you all may be aware of.
>>Dear Sri VS, if you have the URL for Anantha research center or
>>the Visistadvaita Research Center, I would be glad to add them.
>>Venkatesh Elayavalli