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Re: Progress Indicators

From: Ram Gopalaswamy (
Date: Fri Jul 03 1998 - 20:13:44 PDT

Dear VaishNavas,

Here is few more things which could get in the way of pratikuulya vivarjanam:

 - gelatin is an animal product; most yogurts sold in supermarkets 
  are said to contain gelatin.
 - capsules used in medication, are said to be gelatin based.
 - china plates are said to contain cow's bone material. 
 - dress accessories made from leather (belts, shoes, wallets, bags etc)
 - wool (used in dress pants, sweaters); 
  many lambs supposedly die of de-wooling.

Dont know about use of silk-clothing. Wonder what shaastras say about it.


> Sriram,Balaraman
> P.S
> some tips
> *  Sugar is filtered thru Bones of the Cow.(Hearsay)
> *  Veggie Pizza contains Beef powder.
> *  Milk contains Fish Oil.
> * Some cows were fed Non-Veg items which resulted in the
>   develoment of Mad Cow disease.
> * 600 cows are slaugtered a minute in Texas in their
>   steak houses.
> - Any "Go Shala" project will be welcome apart from
> other Kaimkaryams.