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PrAtha: sandhyA prayer for ThiruveLLUr Kaimkaryam : Part 6

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Fri Jul 03 1998 - 05:14:33 PDT

Daer BhakthAs : Today ( July 3 )is Sudarsana Jayanthi .
I will post my sixth and seventh and Final appeal today on the 
NavAham series on the MahA SamprOkshaNam Kaimkaryam 
and rest my case appealing for your most welcome support at 
this time of urgent need . Sriman K.G. KrishNan of Chennai
is advancing the Funds from his own pocket in the hope 
that our members would come thru with their support 
and join in this rare kaimkaryam .
Please help . Thanks in advance.

We can receive the pledges upto the night 
of July 5 . I will brief him that
evening in time to add the names of the supporters
in the sankalpam for this MahA Kaimakryam .
Please do not mind my many postings 
on this subject inviting your welcome participation .
Thanks for the support from you on behalf of 
the organizing committee at Chennai . 

As I was worrying about how we are going to 
meet the need , a great BhagavathA called me 
last night and pledged another $1,008 over and above 
the sum of $216 that he had already donated . Further,
I learnty that One University student has pledged $525 . 
It is amazing how ThiruveLLUr EmperumAn enters into 
the mind of aasthikAs and moves His bhakthAs 
to join in the mahA kaimkaryam for Him 
on the blessed day of AchArya Naatha Muni's Janma 
Nakshathram ( Aani Anusham -July 6 ). WE ARE NOW 
with an additional $2,200 , we would  reach
our goal of fully helping this Yajnam at ThiruveLLUr .

Today is crucial since the July 4 weekend 
will set in and we would have only one working day 
to conclude this appeal .Thanks very much for your 
understanding and support and please do not mind me
asking you once again . Today's appeal wiil be THE LAST ONE. 

Swami Desikan's salutations to Sri Veeraraaghavan 

Beyond the lengthy tributes to the Pourusham of 
Veeraraaghavan in Sri Raghu Veera Gadhyam ,
Swami Desikan summarized the Veearam  of the Lord 
succinctly in his DasAvathAra SlOkam :

paara vaara payO vishOshaNa kalA
  paareeNa kaalanala 
jwAlA jaala vihAra haari visikha 
  vyApAra gOra krama: I
sarvAvastha sakruth prapanna JanathA 
  SamrakshaNaika VrathI 
dharmO vigrahavAn adharma virathim 
  dhanvI sa tanveetha na: II

The Heroism and the bravery of the KodhandapANi
is celebrated here . The ferocity of the arrows 
that left His bow are visualized here . When our Lord
got angry at the insult and negligence of Samudhra Raajan , 
He got up from His dharbha Sayanam at ThiruppullANi , 
and was ready to use the power of His arrows 
to evaporate the waters of the Ocean . VeerarAghavan"s
arrows have the scorching power that is greater than that of 
the praLaya Kaala Agni , which burns the entire world 
at the time of  deluge .

Our Lord is a matchless warrior and is supremely deft in 
wielding His bow , kOdhaNdam , to protect the prapannAs .
His vow is to save anyone , who sought refuge 
at His lotus feet . Any one who attempted to harm
those , who had sought refuge in Him are decimated
by the power of His arrows . Even those , who surrenderd to
Him even once are saved by His infinite sense of duty
to protect them . He is dharma SvarUpi . His mighty
valour in protecting Prapanna JanAs is legendary .
He declares that it is His sole mission . Swami Desikan 
prays to this VeerarAghavan ( prapanna janaa 
samrakshNaika  vrathee ), who is the embodiment of
Dharmam . Swami Desikan prays to this VeerarAghavan
of unfailing prowess to save us from engaging in 
adharmic acts . 

The slokAs of Yuddha Khaandham and the corresponding 
section of Sri Raghu Veera Gadhyam are testaments 
to the Veeram of Sri Vijaya /Veera Raaghavan .
The NaalAyira Divya prabhandham has many passages 
saluting the glories of Sri VeerarAghavan besides 
the specific paasurams on the Lord of ThiruveLLUr . 
I will provide below some excerpts for our anubhavam. 

PeriyAzhwAr Thirumozhi(PT): 2.6.8 &9

PT 2.6.8 :Minnidai Seethai poruttA ---Here AzhwAr asks the crow 
to bring in the grazing staff for kaNNan, who is eager to
go to the forest with His friends to graze the cows and 
calves . AzhwAr salutes on this occasion Lord VeerarAghavan , 
who cut the ten heads of RaavaNA for the offense that he 
committed by kidnapping His slender-waisted wife
and imprisoning Her .His prowess in handling His
KodhaNdam is praised with these words:

Tannihar onrillacchilai kaal vaLaitthitta 
minnu Mudiyar 

In the next paasuram , PeriyAzhwAr praises 
the parAkramam of Veeraraghavan that led to
the destruction of RaavaNA and the crowning 
of VibhishaNA as the successor to the Kingdom 
at LankhA .

ANDAL's salutation to Sri RamachandrA has been 
covered in a previous year Margazhi posting 
archived in the Bhakthi list .

PerumAL THirumozhi of KulasEkara AzhwAr 

Kulkasekara PerumAL was a Raama Chaithanyar.
Just as PeriyAzhwAr became YasOdhA to enjoy
the baalya leelais of KrishNA , KulasEkarar 
took on the role of KousalyA devi and eulogized
VeerarAghavan and sang lullabies ( 8th Thirumozhi ).
He reminds us the valor of VeerarAghavan with
the paasura Vaakhyams :" Tenn ilankaik kOn 
mudikal sinthuvitthAi " . He states that the Lord
cut off the ten heads of evil RaavaNA and scattred
them on the battle field with one arrow. 

The entire tenth Thirumozhi on Thillai ThirucchithirakUtam
is a summary of Srimadh RaamaayaNam and there , the AzhwAr
salutes the heroic acts of VeerarAghavan ( Paasuram 2 :
TatakA vathm ; Paasuram 3: ParasurAma Garva Bhangam;
Paasuram 5 : VirAtha Vatham ; pasuram 6: Vaali vatham;
Paasuram 7 : RaavaNa Vatham ; paasuram 9: Sampuka vatham
taking place in hte Uttara KhAndham ) .

Thirumangai"s paasurams on the Heroism of our Lord
Thiruppirithi : Periya Thirumozhi (PTM):1. 2.2
BadarikAsramam : PTM: 1.4.2
SaaLagrAmam : PTM: 1.5.1
ThiruvEnkatam : PTM :1.10.1, 2
ThiruveLLUr : 2.2 , entire decad
ThiruvallikkENi : 2.3.7
KaazhicchIrAma ViNNagaram : 3.4.7

ThiruvAli : 3.7.3
Vaikuntha ViNNagaram : 3.9.4 ,5
Thiru arimEya ViNNagaram : 3.10.6
Thiruk kAvaLampAdi : 4.6.4
Thirup Paarthan PaLLI : 4.8.5
Thiru veLLiyankudi: 4.10.6
Thiru narayUr: 6.8.5

ThiruvazhundUr : 7.8.7
" panthaNaintha Mel viralAL SeethaikkAhi--"
Thiruk kaNNapuram : 8.5.5( Yezhu maram tuLaipata--)
Thirup pullANi: 9.4.5
Chakravarthi Thirumahan Vishayam :PTM 10.2 and 10.3
( 20 Paasurams ): yEtthuhinROm Iraaman naamam--

Thiruk kurmthANtakam : Paasuram 15
Thiru nedumthANtakam : Paasuram 28
THiruvaimozhi : NammAzhwAr:7.5.1-2
" KaRpAr RaamapirAnai allaal maRRum kaRparO"
Other paasurams in Thiruvaimozhi .

I conclude this posting with the Paasura Vaakhyam 
of Thirumazhisai , who lived next door to 
ThiruveLLUr .He had a special affection 
for the Lord's sevai as Sesha saayee :

naahatthaNaik Kudanthai vehhA THIRUEVVULL
naahatthaNai Arangam pRranbil ,-naahatth
aNaip paaRRk kadal kidakkum aadhi nedumAl ,
aNaippAr karutthanAvAn

Here , Azhwar puts at the center ThiruveLLUr 
emperuman and sandwiches Him between 
Emperumaans of Thiruk Kudanthai AarAvamudhan ,
Thiru vehhA"s yathOktha kaari , Srirangam 
RanganAthan , Anbil Vadivazhahiya Nampi 
and KsheerAbdhi Saayee . Here , As Sri Ram Gopalaswamy 
referred to in one of his private notes ,
Param , Vibhavam , Archai and AntharyAmi 
sthithis are all saluted .

Let us meditate on this Parama Purushan at 
ThiruveLLUr on this Sudarsana Jayanthi morning 
in the words of Thirumazhisai , where he explains as
to how he spoent his time on earth and how
he has MahA VisvAsam in the Lord as His saviour .   

" theritthezhudhi vaasitthum kEttum vaNangi vazhipattum
poositthum pOkkinEn pOthu "

( I spent my time on His earth writing, reading and
listening about His charithrAmrutham and worshipping
Him ) . 

" Thirumaal Talaikkonda Nangattkku , yEngE varum Tthee vinayE ?"
( For us , who have accepted the supermacy/parathvam
of Sriman NaarAyaNA , how could any harm come our way ? )

Sri Kanankavalli SamEtha Sri VeerarAghava ParabrahmaNE Nama:
AdiyEN , Oppiliappan Koil Varadchari SadagOpan