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THiruveLLUr MahA SamprokshaNam: PrrathA: SandhyA,Fifth Day

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Thu Jul 02 1998 - 14:53:05 PDT

Dear Sri KimgruhEsa KainkaryaparAs :

At the outset , BhagavAn has now helped us to
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I hope with the additional participation and support 
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Whatever prosperity we have , whatever health we have ,
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The glory of the Lord of ThiruveLLUr 

The Lord of ThiruveLLUr appeared before SaalihOthra 
Maharishi and asked " annam dEhi , Jalam dEhi , sthalam 
dEhi " ( uNNum sORu , Parhu neer and a place to rest ).
He partook of the food and water offered with affection 
by the Sage and rested in the site pointed out by him .
The Lord who is saluted as KodhaNda Raaman , VeerarAghavan 
and Vijaya Raaghavan got the answer for his query , " EvvuLL ? "
(kim gruham ) and rested at the site (home ) selected by 
the sage . He became kimgruhEsan or EvuuLL kidanthAn .
SaalihOthra Maharishi "released " the Lord from his
heart cavity and let Him rest in the exterior hall 
that he had chosen for Him for all to see . 

The antharyAmi Brahmam , who rests in all of our heart lotuses
decided to rest in an external place and thus removes both the
Aha IruLL and PuRa IruLL as expalined at the Pittsburgh
conference by Sri RengarAjan . Thirumangai experienced 
KimgruhEsan as " EvuuLL kidantha perumalai " ( the great 
mountain resting at ThiruevvuLL ) .The vimanam under which
he rests came to be known as VijayakOti vimAnam to associate
it with the VijayarAghavan's amitha parAkramam ( unexcelled
valour in battle ) . 

In the room of that house ( Vijaya kOti Vimanam )located
in the forest known as VeekshAraNyam , the Vijaya Sri 
of the Lord rests forever and led to this kshEthram 
being called PuNyAvartha KshEthram . 

Thirumangai in his Thirumadal enjoyed Him as 
" Yennudaya Innamaudhai, EvvuLL PerumaLayai"
( My great mountain at ThiruevuLL and my sweet nectar ) and 
Thirumazhisai saluted this Aadhi nedumaal as " NaahatthaNai 
 --ThiruvevvuLL kidakkum Aadhi nedumaal " and reminds us 
that this Lord will be easily accessible to His bahkthAs , 
who seek the cool shade of His lotus feet. The corrolary 
is that He would be inaccessible to those , who have no 
visvAsam in Him as Aapath Bandhu and AnAtha Rakshakan .
Those who had dvEshti ( resentment and hatred ) towards 
Him were pulverized by the Lord even if they had great
boons such as akhila Jagadh adhika Bhuja Balam ( the greatest
prowess in all the worlds ) granted by other demi-Gods . 
His anugraham even to the enemy RaavaNan has been described by 
the MahA Kavi KaaLi Daasan this way to invoke His dayA 
svarUpam ( KaruNA Kaakuthsa svabhAvam ) . Not only did the Lord 
send RaavaNan back to his palace overnight to rest from 
his battle fatigue , but He also cut off RaavANA's ten heads 
next day in a very special manner that caused him
minimum suffering .Sriman Purisai KrishNamAchArya Swami
points out this anubhavam of KaaLi Daasa , who gave us 
the illustrious Raghu Vamsa Kaavyam :

tEna manthra prayukthEna nimEshArthAth apAdhayath 
sa RaavaNa sira: pankthim aj~nAthavruNa vethanAm 

He is the most merciful Lord even to His sworn enemies .
He therefore spared the pain for RaavaNA by cutting
all the ten heads in a fraction of a minute instead 
of cutting those ten arrogant heads one by one and 
thereby letting RavaNA feel the pain .KaaLidAsan reminds
himself of the Lord's KaruNai this way .

MutthuswAmi Deekshithar's salutation of Sri Veeraraaghavan

Thirumangai saluted the Lord of ThiruveLLUr in one 
of his Paasuram as " Saamiyappan " ( One who is 
worshipped by Saama Vedam ) . Saama Vedam is 
the one Vedam that is sung and it is the source of
the UpavEdam , Ghaandharva Vedam practised by 
NaadhOpAsakAs . Sri Deekshithar saluted 
this Saamiyappan ," AnAdhi madhya anthamasEsha nAthan " 
( the One Lord who has no beginning , middle
or end and the Lord of all )and reminded us
about the Veeram aspect of the KaruNA Kaakuthsan .
Deekshithar used Ghaandarva Vedam to offer his 
own salutation .

kOkilArava Raaga kruthi 

Sri Deekshithar chose this mELa karthA raagam ,
which is also known as kOkila PriyA . It belongs
to the Nethra Chakram in the MeLa karthA scheme .
This nEthra SowbhAgyan ,who is a joy for the eyes 
of the  for BhakthAs and the terrifying fire 
to the enemies was saluted by Deekshithar this way ;

Pallavi : KodhaNda Raamam anisam BhajE
          kOkilArava Jaanaki RamaNam 

CharaNam : Paadhaja paamsu paalitha Ahalyam
           ParamEsvara Guru Guha Vaathsalyam
           VedhAntha Vedhyam ATHI KOUSALYAM
           VisvAmithra Hitham AKOWTILYAM 
           ( KodhaNda Raamam anisam BhajE ) 

The DankAra Dhvani of KodhaNdam is invoked
in the context of the valour of the Lord in battle .
For whom did he make this mighty battle ? It is for
the dear consort of His with the voice sweeteer 
than the Kokilam ( Kuyil ) , Jaanaki Devi . He is
Jaanaki RamaNan . This salutation of SithA manOharan
as " Jaanaki RamaNan " is an echo of Sri ThyagarAja
SwamigaL's Suddha Seemanthini Krithi , " Jaanaki
RamaNA " . 

In two of his other krithis , the contemproary
of Deekshithar , Saint ThyagarajA explained the marmam
behind Jaanaki MaathA ,the dharma Pathni of 
the Lord with Veeraraaghava svabhAvam . The saint 
suggested that Jaanaki maathA is matchless ( Sari 
YevvarE ! Sri Jaanaki !/ Sri Ranjani Raaga Krithi ) .
Here he states , " Oh My Mother! You are matchless .
You have chosen to follow him to the dreadful forest
and provide Him in every place there with Royal comforts
and pleasures ". No wonder the Lord is known as 
Jaanaki RamaNan .In the KaambhOji krithi , " Maa Jaanaki " ,
the saint goes on to say that Lord VeerarAghavan became 
famous and great by taking the hand of our Jaanaki MaathA 
and acquired thereby the glory of being recognized as 
the vanquisher of RaavaNA . In yet another krithi set in 
Raagam kalakanti , " Sri Janaka TanayE " , the saint
clearly states that She is the wind that blows away  
the clouds of demons like RaavaNA as Veera Lakshmi . 

In the rest of the krithi , Deekshithar salutes 
Sri VeerarAghavan as the One , who with His sacred paadha
rENu ( dust form His holy feet ) removed the curse that 
transfromed AhalyA into a stone by the wayside
( paadhaja paamsu paalitha AhalyAm ) . He recognizes
the Lord of ThiruveLLUr as the friend of SivA ,
SubrahmaNyA and the protector of Sage VisvAmithrA's
Yaagam .

He salutes Him as " VedhAntha Vedhyan " , who blessed us 
with Vedha UpabrahmaNam , Bhagavadh GitA in a later avathAram .
He is saluted by VedhAs themselves as " yathO vAchA nivarthanthE,
aprApya maansA saha  ".

As antharyAmi Brahmam saluted by the VedAs , He is seated 
in  the heart cavity of every one with immeasurable kalyANa GuNAs
( asEsha pumsAm hrudhi sannivishtam , analpa sakthyAdhi
guNair visishtam ---KimgruhEsam -- bhajE ) . The vAkhyams
of KimgruhEsa sthuthi salutes further His Vedha Vedhya 
Svarupam : " tvam sarvavith tvam KamalA sahAya : ,

Two key words in this kOkilArava Krithi are " ATHI KOUSALYAM 
AND AKOWTILYAM " . Kousalam means skillfulness ( Yoga: 
karamsu kousalam ). Athi Kousalam means extremely skillful . 
Kousalam also means welfare . That the Lord was 
very skillful in showering His mercy 
on the Friend like SugreevA , enemy like MaarIchan , 
the four footed like the squirrel , the flying kinds
like JatAyu and KaakAsuran (after his saraNAgathi) . 
" Athi Kousalyam Kodhanda Raamam anisam bhajE " is
the apt salutation of Deekshithar here .

AKOWTILYAN means one , who is not deceitful 
or crooked or fradulent . Kodhanda Raama was as straight
as the flight path of His arrows and did not have 
any vanchaka svabhAvam .He lived the most righteous life and
followed His father's command and lived in the forests 
for 14 years and earned the title , " DharmO VigrahavAn 
or the embodiment of Dhrama " .

After saluting the Illustrious Hero , Kodhanda Raaman ,
Deekshithar went on to salute His anantha KalyANa guNams
in other brilliant krithis with immense artha pushti 
and Bhakthi .

May Sri VeerarAghavan's blessings be always with 
all the members of this special group ofAasthikAs !

Oppilaippan Koil VaradAchaari SadagOpan