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From: narayanan kazhiyur (
Date: Thu Jul 02 1998 - 10:15:20 PDT

srimathe ramaujaya namaha:

dear  Mr.mani,

i received your mail today admitting me as a member in bhakti group.
at the outset i thank you very much for instant response.

my name is k.m.narayanan(kazhiyur.mannar) i belong to tenkali 
sampradayam and my acharyan is Sri.Mudaliyandan of kanchi who attained 
acharyan thiruvadi last year.

i did my graduation in D.v.vaishnav college, madras  and worked with 
siemens ltd for 9 years. at present i am working with baan info systems 
as a application specialist in hyderabad.- this is my luvkikam part.

i was born in arakkonam,  a town near madras. i was actually not aware 
of our great sampradayam during my school days. things changed once i 
started living in triplicane in my uncle's house. it was only his 
sankalpam and nothing else.i was taught divya prapndam by college 
english professor sri.pichumani iyyangar in addtion to prapandams,he  
used to share and enjoy the meaning and other vyakyanas while 

here i would like to mention that, but for my acharyan, professor 
sri.pichumani, triplicane friends like  kooram rangan, badri,sowmya 
ragavan,vasan,murali  and all others whom i have missed just to ensure 
that this intro is not verbose, i am actually a novice.

i once again thank you and i surrender to lotus feet of lord 
parthasarathy as a gratitute on my enrolment in this group.

with best regards and respects.