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Introdution - A new member to the mailing list

From: rahul raghavan (
Date: Thu Jul 02 1998 - 06:20:42 PDT

My humble pranAms to everyone.

I came to know of the Bhakti Mailing List while visiting the  visting 
the Oppiliappan Site on the Net. I consider it my privilege to be a part 
of this distinguished group of people. 

I proceed to introduce myself.

My name is P.R.Renganath and liive in Madras. I am a Vaishnavan and 
belong to the Ahobila Matt sampradaya. I am 18 years old and did my 
schooling at D.A.V. Senior Secondary School, Gopalapuram (run by the 
Arya Samaj ). I am presently doing my law degree at Dr.Ambedhkar Govt. 
Law College, Madras.( II year )

I  am very much interested in the Visishtadvaita philosophy. I have to 
mention at this juncture that I am a total ajnani in matters the 
Vishistadvaita philosophy. I am sure that this mailing list will help me 
a lot in improving my knowledge about our sampradAya.

My e-mail address :

                                 | krishnArpanam |

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