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From: venkat (
Date: Thu Jul 02 1998 - 08:15:04 PDT


  dear bagavadothamaas,
   this is a reply to Mr Chandhrashekaran's posting..
   Banthus are of two varities "athma banthu" and "sarira banthu"  our relatives 
 and friends are reffered as sarira banthus.. 
   and u can also some times say they are athma banthus but not actually..
   "soodi kudutha naachiaar ANDAL" says in her famous "thirupavai".......
   "undhannodu uravel namaku ingu ozhila ozhiyathu"
   that is the relationship between the athma and the paramathma can never be
   negated or cut even if one wants to..
   and all sarirabanthus are banthus only buring that birth..our eternal banthu 
is "Shriman Narayanan"  
  and from one angle if u see because of this shariram or birth we are 
bagavadhaas so baghawan is our sarira banthu too.and he is always our banthu as 
pramanas say "sarvam vishnu mayam jagath" "anthar bahischa thath sarvam vyapya 
narayanas sthithaha"
   and if one looks at sarira athma bhavam or body soul relationship between
   "Sriman Narayana" and us we will understand the eternal relationship..
   so u are not forsaking any banthus as our only banthu is "vegavathi 
pulinakeli narasimhan"("shree lakshmi narasimhan" who stays on the bank of river 
vegavathi near kanchipuram this slokha is writen on this deity by Swami Desikan)
   and what we have to realize and put in to practice is that others whom we 
call as banthuss are not banthuus and our only banthu is "Sriman Narayana"
   Swami Desikan also says "oru athma innoru athmavirku thanjan illai"
   a rough meaning is that  one athma is not bound by any other athma..u can 
draw parallels to this with the subject being disussed.
   so u r not foresaking any "REAL" "BANTHU" because whom we think as banthus 
are not banthus at all.
   the starting chapter in "rahasyathraya saaraa" when analysed and deeply 
studied and understood will also revael this..
   and adiyen humbly request all the bagavadhothamass to point out any mistakes 
if adiyen has made 
   dhasanu dhasaan 
   venkataraghava dhasan