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THiruveLLUr Mahaa SamprOkshaNam: Fourth Day Saayam SandhyA Prayer

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Wed Jul 01 1998 - 20:42:21 PDT

Dear BhagavathAs : I wish to present you 
a Status Report .

SaamarpaNams so far by BhakthAs 
It is my pleasure to let you know that we have
now reached the 24% level of our target of $5,000
needed for the MahA samprOkshaNa Kaimkaryam .

SIXTEEN BHAKTHAS  have contibuted altogehter
$1,212 between themselves in the past two days 
since the announcement of the request for joining 
in the Kaimkaryam . May the SarvalOka SaraNYan 
and His sankalpam help us to make additional progress.
We have until July 5 Evening to join in this kaimkaryam 
and raise the remaining $ 3,788 needed .I know that 
the July 4 holidays will make it difficult for you 
to access your mails . On my part , I will hurry up and 
finish the SapthAham kaimkaryam on or before Friday , July 3.
You will have Monday, July 5 to respond and I will
let Sriman KrishNan know then about the complete list 
of Kaimkaryaparas for inclusion in the sankalpam 
for a special ArchanA and PrasAdam at the lotus 
feet of the Divya dampathis and AchAryAs .

An Apology for a mistake in communication 
I seek your understanding in a mistake that has crept in
regarding the PrasAdams intended as recognition for 
the samarpaNam of BhagavathAs . The 2 Gram gold coin 
with the imprint of Bhagavan and Azhagiya Singar 
might "blow " the budget and hence deplete the funds needed 
for the Kaimkaryam . Hence , there might be some substitutions
whose nature  we will know about once we know how close
we are to the finish line of the required funds . All
of us are seeking the Lord's blessings without
expecting anything in return. His prasAdam will surely 
reach us in many ways including real items ( Video ,
Souvenir , Audio Tape etc ) before and after the Kaimkaryam .
A gold plated instead of Gold Coin containing 
the impression of the Lord of ThiruveLLUr on 
one side and Azhagiya Singhar on the other side 
is a possibility that is being looked into .
Meanwhile , I seek your understanding of 
the emerging situation . I will brief you
about the final decision on PrasAdams once 
I get the word from India after our fund
raising effort is completed and the Kaimkaryam 
concludes on July 6 . 

Aani Anusham and AchArya Naatha Muni's Birthday ( July 6)
This blessed day is falling on July 6 this year , when
the MahA SamprOkshaNam is taking place. The Vaibhavam of 
Naatha Muni has been coverd in my July 16th 1997 
posting archived in Bhakthi List discussions .
The uniqueness of AachArya Naatha Muni and the 
honoring of 350 AdhyApAka Swamis at ThiruveLLUr 
on his birth day in front of Sri VeerarAghava 
PerumAL and Sri Kanakavalli ThAyar became clear
to me , when I looked at it from a numbers game
point of view . The AchAryA , who was blessed by
our Kulapathi, NammAzhwAr was born on 824 AD .
Double of 824 is 1648 . When you deduct 1648 from
this year 1998 , what is left is 350 , the number
of Divya Prabhandha PaarAyaNakArAs being honored 
in front of the Divya dampathis on July 6.

MutthuswAmi Deekshithar's salutations to Sri VeerarAghavan

In a series of earlier postings during October 1996 
(NavarAthri time ) , I had the bhAgyam to cover 
the RaamAshtaka Krithis of Dikshithar composed 
in chaste Sanskrit . I referred to the power of 
different Vibhakthis ( eight Vibahkthis ) in 
approaching the Lord thru Bhakthi or Prapatthi 
Yogam ( October 96 Bhakthi archives ) that echo
the sanchAri BhAvAs of the devotee . During Sri Raama
Navami ,97 , we enjoyed the MaNiranghu Krithi of Deekshithar
saluting Pattaabhi Raaman , who returned to
AyOdhyA after His unparalleled victory over
RaavaNA ( April 97 archives ) ; During October 97 and 
January 98 , we enjoyed Saint ThyagarAjA's delectable
anubhavam of VeerarAghavan thru the study of 
Sriraaga, VarALi , Naattai and GowLai Pancharathnams .

We seem to have covered a lot of ground in travelling towards 
this day of July 6 , when Sri VeerarAghavan's Gopuram
and VimAnam are going to be consecrated according
to the strictest of Aagama SampradhAyams . I will 
cover in this and the next posting , the Krithis of
MutthuswAmi Deekshithar on Sri Raamachandran and 
his anantha kalyANa guNams celebrated by Deekshithar
thru his krithis on Sri Raaman that have not been covered 
sofar . 

The many krithis of Deekshithar on Sri VeerarAghavan 

I can think of 7 krithis left in the context of our
SapthAham . They are as follows :

1. Kodhanda Raamam -- Raagam KOkilAvaraNam
2. SanthAna Raamam --HindhOLa Vasantham
3. Raamachandhram BhavayAmi --VasanthA Raagam 
4. Raamachandrasya - Hejjajji Raagam
5. RaamE - JyOthi Raagam
6. Maamava Raghuveera -- Maahuri Raagam 
7. Kshthija RamaNam --Deva GhAndhAri Raagam 

With my prayers to Sri Kanakavalli samEtha 
Sri Veeraraaghavan to give us the strength 
to participate in His MahA samprOkshaNa Kaimkaryam ,

Daasan Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri Sadagopan