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Re: ThiruveLLUr Kaimkaryam: SapthAham --Third day

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Wed Jul 01 1998 - 19:04:34 PDT

Dear BhakthAs of Sri Veeraraghavan :

I am very happy to share with you the note 
from Sri Rangaswamy with his permission .

It is so wonderful to listen to this
magnificient KathA sangraham .
Please contact Sri Rangaswamy 
incase you might wish to acquire 
this text for PaarAyaNam . 

Thank you Sri Rangaswami for your
generous offer to share this sthuthi . 

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>From: "muralidhar rangaswamy" <>
>Subject: Re: ThiruveLLUr Kaimkaryam: SapthAham --Third day
>Date: Wed, 01 Jul 1998 06:06:38 PDT
>Dear Sri Sadagopan,
>Your note on the light of the Ikshvaku dynasty, inspired me to 
>share a few thoughts on the Ramayana Katha Sangraha. This is a 
>prose summary of the Valmiki Ramayana. It is divided into 
>two parts. The first part covers instances from the Ramayana until 
>Bharata's SharaNagati. The remainder of the Ramayana is covered in 
>the second part. 
>The Katha Sangraha extols Rama- the supreme righteous warrior
>(Satya Parakrama), the epitome of truth (this mirrors Swami Desikan's 
>Dashavatara Stotram salutation "DharmO VigrahavAn"), his eternal 
>association with Sita Piratti (this is described in the salutations 
>"Nityam PrANa SamAhita" and "SitApyanugatA Ramam Shashinam RohinI 
>Yatha"), the embodiment of KalyaNa Gunams (TvamEvam GuNa Sampannam is 
>the salutation referring to this aspect), firm and unflinching desire to 
>uhold his father's promise (Sa Satya VachanAt Raja Dharma PashEna 
>Samyyata: is the Katha Sangraha salutation. This is closely related 
>to Swami Desikan's Mahavira Vaibhavam salutation "Pitru Vachana 
>Palana Pratijna VagnyAta YouvvarAjya") and Bharata's SharaNagati 
>at the Lotus feet of the Lord (the saltuation "PadhukE ChAsya RAjyAya 
>NyAsam Dattva Punah Punaha" reflects the Mahavira Vaibhavam salutation 
>message "PadhukAgriyAbisheka Nirvartita Sarva Loka Yogakshema").
>I can make available part 1 of the Katha Sangraha for those desirous 
>of engaging in a Parayanam. 
>Best Wishes,
>Muralidhar Rangaswamy
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