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Request For removal from the group
Date: Wed Jul 01 1998 - 09:18:45 PDT

      Dear members,

      As  my current working company, has brought some restrictions
      regarding the usage of official resources for personal purposes.

      I find it difficult in continuing  myself as a member of this group.
      Also I do not have a computer at home.

      So I request Mr.Mani to remove my name from the list of members
      so that I will no longer get the mails from this list.

      I take this opportunity to thank every one for allowing me as part
      of this group so far and also providing me with great information.

      I also take this opportunity to pardon me if I have hurt any member
      without my knowledge through my views on certain on subject
      during my tenure as a member.

      Thank you.

      Your's Friendly

      S. Sundara Rajan