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Information from SrImAn Sadagopan.

From: Krishnamachari, N (Krish) (
Date: Wed Jul 01 1998 - 08:01:24 PDT

Dear BhAgavatottama-s:

I am enclosing part of the note I received from SrImAn Sadagopan which I
believe will be very useful for many of us.  I have not had the bhAgyam so
far to visit thUppul.  My immediate reaction when I read his note was to
pray that I too have the bhAgyam in my lifetime to visit this holy site.  I
hope the information is of use the rest of us who have not had the privilege
yet to visit svAmi deSikan's birth place.  

He has also given reference to the web page for the temple.  

 -dAsan kr*shNamAcAryan

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From: Sadagopan [] 
Sent: Tuesday, June 30, 1998 9:50 PM
To: Krishnamachari, N (Krish)
Subject: Re: SrI deSika stotra-s - 8. SaraNAgati dIpikA.

Dear Sri Krishnamaachari :


Reading your article , the memory of the visit 
to ThUppul agrahAram and Swami Desikan's house there , 
his Own Sannidhi and the darsana soubhAghyam of 
one of his AarAdhana mUrthys ( Hayagreeva BhagavAN )
at the parakaala matam temple opposite to his ThirumALikai 
and the temple of Sri DeepaprakAsan right next to 
Swami Desikan 's house rushed back.  

BhakthAs might be interested to browse 
the Home Page for ThUppul ( Sri Deepa PrakAsan's )
agrahAram , which is available from the links 
cited by Sriman VenaktEsh Elayavalli in his home page.