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Article from Bhuvarahacharya swamy

From: Krishna Kalale (
Date: Thu Jul 31 1997 - 12:25:43 PDT

Dear Devotees,

I got an email from Vasudha from Bangalore (I guess).  Prof. Bhuvaracharya
of Bangalore has written an article on Andal (just a sample). I spoke to
him when I was in Bangalore. He teaches a class on naalayira divya
prabandam which my mother attends often.  I believe that Prof.
Bhuvarahacharya swamy is supposed to be an authority on "Idu" vyakhyanam
and Naalayira Divya prabandam in general.  I thought our group will be
benefited by his writings and wanted to get a response from this group
regarding a continued periodic set of articles covering entire Naalayira
divya prabandam or whatever subject this eminent person will kindly teach
us through this network.  I have attended only one discourse from Sri
Bhuvarahacharya swamy and it was excellent.  Since he has learnt under
gurus in a traditional manner and taught the subject to even several
scholars in India, it is treat to get some direct anubhavams our acharyas
through his unique style of presentation.  When I was there in India, he
asked me if our group will be interested in such works of our purvacharyas.
 Personally, If I had the time and opportunity, I would spend several years
learning under this eminent authority of Naalayira Divya Prabandam. I think
we should take this opportunity to get information through this network.
If we have the bhagyam, who knows?, we may one day, actually study under
this guru and enjoy the wisdom of our acharyas in a traditional form of


Krishna Kalale

>Date: Thu, 31 Jul 1997 12:10:25 -0700
>From: Krishna Kalale <>
>Subject: Article from Bhuvarahacharya swamy
>Hi  Vasudha,
>I received your article, supposedly written by Prof. E.S. Bhuvarahacharya.
 Can you please ask someone to write a few words about Sri
E.S.Bhuvarahacharya so that I can send that information to the network
known as "prapatti"network.  If you personally and other friends of yours
in Bangalore or anywhere with an email account want to be a part of this
network called the "prapatti" or "bhakti" network please send your reply
accepting this offer. you will receive information and can write to this
network. there are several articles that are being published on this
network. I think our network can be very much benefitted by articles such
as this written by Sri Bhuvaracharya.  I will also send a copy of this
article to the network today and write to you about what I hear from other
folks on the network.
>Krishna (prasad) Kalale
>At 07:34 PM 7/31/97 +0500, you wrote:
>>Hello! I am the daughter in law of Mrs. Pattammal Gopalakrishnan, a
friend of 
>>your parents. I am sending a write up on Andal. Please let me know if this 
>>has reached you.  You can correspond with me on 
>>Srimate Ramanujaya Namaha
>>Srimate Bala Dhanvi Maha Gurave Namaha
>>"Sri Andal"
>>Prof. E.S. Bhuvarahacharya
>>114/3,  "Sri Ranga'
>>4th Main Road
>>Between 9th and 10th Cross
>>Bangalore 560 003  INDIA
>>Sri Vaishnava religion flourished in India, and got enriched by the birth
>>divine songs of eleven alwars, and Andal.  Alwar means those who are deeply 
>>immersed in the ocean of devotion to Lord Almighty - Sriman Narayana.
>>names are as follows:
>>Sri Andal is the only female saint.
>>Lord Sriman Narayana has three important divine consorts namely, Sridevi, 
>>Bhudevi and Srineeladevi.
>>Of the three, Sri Bhudevi (who has the form of this earth and therefore, is 
>>the presiding deity of the earth and affectionately called Mother Earth),
>>of Her infinite mercy for Her children (namely all people remaining on Her 
>>lap) was born in this world as Sri Andal, in order to alleviate the 
>>sufferings and to cut the very hard chain of their bondage in the form of 
>>birth and death which could be secured only by getting a berth in the
>>residence of Sriman Narayana - namely, Sri Vaikunta.
>>>From religious texts, we understand that Lord Narayana taking the form
of a 
>>huge boar, once redeemed Sri Bhudevi (Mother Earth) from the deluge and 
>>consoled Her.  Though she was comforted and consoled, whe was very much 
>>worried about Her children (people on this earth).  She enquired the Lord
>>show the easiest means of securing eternal bliss for all Her children.  The 
>>Lord (Sri Bhuvaraha) then told Her that absolute surrender unto Him 
>>(Saranagati) was the easiest method to reach Him.  But, Sri Bhudevi was not 
>>satisfied as this Saranagati required a lot of faith in Him which was
>>very difficult for ordinary layman.  So, she asked to indicate another
>>way.  The Lord said, "If a person, without expecting any reward and as a
>>service, offers a garland of flowers and sings songs of my glory, I will be 
>>pleased and offer him a seat in my imperishable abode - Sri Vaikunta, and 
>>absorb him as my dearest servant, which will put an end to his ever
>>cycle of birth and death and consequently put a full stop to all his 
>>sufferings and plunge him in everlasting nectarine ocean of bliss."
>>On hearing this, Sri Bhudevi said, "My Lord! It may be easy for my children 
>>to offer you a wreath of flowers as they are made readily available to them 
>>by you.  But composing divine songs in praise of you is a Herculean task.  
>>Hence, permit me, my Lord, to take birth in the mortal world as a 
>>representative of my children and offer you both garland of flowers and 
>>devotional songs composed by me."  Being permitted gladly by the Lord, Sri 
>>Bhudevi was born in this world torn asunder by passion, etc, out of 
>>compassion, at Srivilliputtur (a town in South India) as the daughter of 
>>This Periyalwar was keeping a garden at Srivilliputtur in order to serve
>>Lord there, in the temple called Vata-perum-koil-udayan.  Sri Bhudevi was 
>>found by him under a tulasi plant one day when the star puram(purva
>>reigned supreme in the month of Adi (according to Tamil calander, this
>>on 6th August, this year).
>>She was named Goda (the giver of sweet songs).  Subsequently, as she was
>>to secure the love and affection of the Lord and win over Him, she came
to be 
>>An ordinary maiden after giving birth to a baby, abandons Her costly
>>bed and lies down on the earth at the foot of the cradle in which Her
>>child is placed and sleeping.  Just like that, the Divine Earth gave up all 
>>Her comforts and pleasures that she was entitled to get in the company of
>>Lord in Her heavenly abode - Sri Vaikunta, and descended on this turmoil
>>earth for the sake of all of us.
>>She, according to Her promise, made to Sriman Narayana, offered garlands
>>sang devotional songs.  Two poetic compositions replete with devotion in 
>>simple Tamil with lucid style are from Her pen.
>>" Thiruppavai - consisting of 30 stanzas
>>" Nachiyar Tirumozhi - comprising 143 hymns
>>A chanting of the devotional outpourings of Sri Andal, namely Tiruppavai, 
>>will wash off all our sins which have got accumulated like huge mountains
>>births and births (like unremoved corporation garbage for years together).  
>>It will show His feet, who is the highest of all.  It is also the seed of 
>>Scriptual tree.  It consists of only 30 stanzas.  One who knows not this
is a 
>>burden to this earth.  This is the eulogy heaped on Tiruppavai.
>>Today (6th August 1997) is Her birth day.  Let us remember Her with
>>for everything that she has done for us.
>>Do you like to know more in detail about Her and Her songs?  You may let me 
>>With all good wishes for everything good in life to attend on you by the 
>>grace of Sri Andal.
>>-Prof E.S. Bhuvarahacharya