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Date: Thu Jul 31 1997 - 07:21:57 PDT

Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha :

Sri Rukmani Samedha Sri Parthasarathy Swamine Namaha :

First I want to thank Sri  Sundaresan for replying to my question and also Sri 
U. Ve. Sadagopan for following it up with Sahasranamam. I am also convinced
about adoring Vibuthi on the forehead and being a Adiyar of Sriman Narayanan. To
put in perspective after Pavithra Uthsavam or other yagams (like Sri Sudarshana
Homam)  even Srivaishnaviites  who usually adore Thiruman adore little  ashes 
over and above.  I also understand that  advaithis start all the vaidhika karmas
with Sriman Narayana sankalpam. 
 "Naryana Preethyartham "   

As for Sri Keshava Prasad more has been said already. This gave an opportunity
for us to read Sri Sudharshan 's  elaborate remarks once again which I enjoyed
most like many others. I dont have to reiterate how much I  enjoy the privilige
of being part of this group. As Sri Sudharshan had mentioned  Sri Andal 
requests Sriman Narayanan to bear with  
        "SirupEr  Azhaithanavum Seeriyarulathe ! Eeriva Nee Tharai Parayelor
Embavai !  "  
Also the benefits of bakthi list is extended in many ways outside of the Web. I
usually talk to my wife  and children  atleast once a week about what I read and
 also share with other friends.  

Adiyen ,