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Summary of the ultimate sharanagathi and personal beliefs ...

From: Raja Krishnasamy (
Date: Mon Jul 28 1997 - 13:46:20 PDT

First of all I thank all the members of this list for maintaining a civilized
level of discussion to this topic, and for flooding my mailboxes with replies
illustrated with brilliant examples.  While I am satisfied with a lot of
aspects, there are still some questions lingering in my mind.

As Shri Sampath Rangarajan suggested, I consider it my duty to post a summary
of the various replies and commentaries I received to the various questions I
had (either through email or through telephone discussions).  I will try to
summarize the answers for each of my question with comments as to what my
subsequent questions are.  I am scheduled to travel on business tomorrow
through Thursday, and I hope, I will get some time over the next few evenings
to devote for this purpose.  srIman NarAyaNA willing, I will try to fulfill my
duty by this weekend.

Om NamO NArayaNaya Namaha
Raja Krishnasamy