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Sri Keshava Prasad

From: Sridhar S Govindaraja (
Date: Mon Jul 28 1997 - 12:02:53 PDT

Dear Members,

I am one of the fortunate people to have become a member of this elite
group.  My sister in States is an ardent member and introduced me to this
group.  Since then, I have always admired the depth of knowledge of some of
the members who are sharing their knowledge and wisdom with other less
fortunate ones in the group.  However, I must admit that, with so much
information available in this group and the rate at which it is fed to the
members, people like me and Mr. Keshava Prasad perhaps, will definitely
have problems in reading these postings let alone understand the depth of it.

I hope you will appreciate that in this part of the world we are not
fortunate enough to read the mail in the office hours and have to read them
after coming home in the midst less enchanting chores.  I believe that,
after careful consideration of such problems, Mr. Mani wanted the
enlightened writers to go at a pace at which un-enlightened persons like me
are not left too far behind.

Having said this, I am appalled to read the reaction of some of the members
to the posting made by Mr. Keshava Prasad.  One would think that members of
such a wise group, with so much wisdom and knowledge,  would receive such
postings with humility in the great tradition of Srivaishnavism, understand
and analyse Mr. Keshava Prasad's problems and come out with an enlightened
reply which is appropriate for such a group.  Surely he does not deserve
this dressing down for voicing his opinion, however unreasonable or flimsy,
it might have seemed to some of the noble members of this group.  Perhaps
he has written out of anguish for being unsuccessful in getting some of his
friends interested.  May be, he has wrongly understood the objective of
this group.  In any case he deserves a better deal than this.  Great people
are great because they can explain and convince and not because they will
easily get offended.

I sincerely hope that I will not be skinned or thrown out of this group for
sending this email!  I surely enjoy reading the postings at my own pace ( I
have enough for the next few days) and hope to continue as a member for a
long time.

Adiyen Dasan


Na th've vaham jathu nasam
Na th'vam neme janadhipa:
Na chaiva na bhavishiama:
Sarve vayamatha: param