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Farewell to ShrI M. K. Sudarshan

From: Raja Krishnasamy (
Date: Mon Jul 28 1997 - 11:40:05 PDT

It is indeed quite upsetting to see Mr. Sudarshan signing off from the Bhakti
network.  We all are bound to miss him and his profoundly literate postings. 
Let us wish ShrI Sudarshan full success and happiness in all his future

My one humble request to him would still be to take up the completion of the
BhIshma sthuthi.  If he can write to me the contents of the remaining verses of
srI bhIshma shuthi and his various vyAkyAnams, I volunteer to type them up and
post to this list.

I have been an avid follower of these postings, for indeed shrI BhIshmA endowed
with such supreme gurus as shrI sUryA and such is known to have possessed such
supreme devotion and understanding of the Lord.  Isn't he the one who replied
to yudhistrA's question:

kimEkam dhaivatham lOkE kim vAbhyEkam parAyaNam ?


jagathprabhum dEvadEvam anantham purushOththamam
sthuvan nAma sahasrENa purusha sthathathoththithaha !

We are blessed to see shrI bhIshma sthuthi and shri mahAvishNu sahasnAmam being
posted simultaneously on this list.

I once again implore shrI sudharshan to reconsider his decision, and if he
would just mail me(handwritten matter is OK) the remaining parts of his
postings at whatever intervals he feels like, I volunteer to type these up and
post to this list.  In addition to us being able to understand these literary
scripts, these will also form valuable archives for future generations.  For
these two reasons, I request shrI sudarshan to reconsider his decision and not
interrupt the holy task he has begun.

If he decides to do so, my US Mail address is:

Raja Krishnasamy
6 Dundee Road
Arlington MA 02174
(617) 483-1437 (Home)

Raja Krishnasamy