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New member - an introduction

From: Diwakar Kannan (Diwakar.Kannan_at_Ebay.Sun.COM)
Date: Mon Jul 28 1997 - 08:29:16 PDT

Hello Baghavathas,

I am Diwakar joined this group few days back.  My poorveegam
is Neduntheru in Tanjore dt. and most of the time lived in Perungalathur,
a quite outskirt of Madras.  I am follower of Ahobila mutt.  I had the
rare opportunity of attending kalakshepams on Rahasyatrayasaram and those were
the best days in my life (though not able to grasp the essence of it totally). 
When I went through the archives of this mailing list I realized my poor 
knowledge in this profound philosophy. 

Glad to have joined this group and my sincere appreciation to all the memebers
for their contributions.  Hope to get enlightened.