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From: M K Sudarshan (
Date: Mon Jul 28 1997 - 06:32:44 PDT

srimathE lakshmi-nrsumha parabrahmaNe namaha
sri vedanta guravE namaha

Dear Bhakti-Members,

I wish to complete a task which I thought I'd be able to postpone by at
least a month. But then, I guess, sometimes "sooner" is better than "later".

I have to inform you all that I'm taking up another professional assignment
away from Bahrain. I'll be returning to India late this year to take up a
senior situation with a large corporate-house there. The past four years
here in Bahrain have been very fulfilling in more than ways than one.

Back in India I will continue to pursue my professional career with equal
zest that I hope to show in my pursuit of the treasures of our
"pUrvAchAryA-s". The opportunities will of course be more than anywhere else
in the world.

I have enjoyed every moment of my membership in the "bhakti-list". It is a
wonderful community of young and vigorous minds. I have learnt more from it
than I think I have contributed to it.

>From India if I have a chance to "hook" myself to the list I will do so. But
then in India life is a totally different "ball-game", as you Americans say.
In case I'm not able to do so, I might as well say good-bye to all of you now.

Many members wrote to me to say that I complete the "bhishma-stuthi". We are
only in Verse#2 and there are still 8 more stanzas to go. Sri.Sadagopan
wanted me to take it up as "kainkaryam" more than anything else. Much as I'd
love to do it and go the whole stretch, I'm afraid the pressure of
professional, family and personal chores in the next few months is going to
deny me the pleasure. There are simply too many little things to do, I fear,
it will all eat away too much of my time. I would not like to do a shoddy
job of discussing a great piece of poetry like the "bhishma-stuthi". Either
I give it 100% or none at all!

I must say "sorry", therefore, to Sri.Sadagopan, Smt.Nagu Satyen,
Sri.C.S.Ramesh, Sri.Vijay Srinivasan, Sri.Govind Rangarajan and
Sri.Rangarajan Sudarsan who all seem to have been following the
"bhishma-stuthi" quite closely. My appeal to them is "Do recite the
"bhishma-stuthi" every day". I am sure the Lord Himself will bless you all
with the means to enjoy it in your inward mind. Believe me, this hymn has a
strange, mysterious and magnetic "power" to do just that. I am not joking at

I will proceed now with 2 or 3 more posts on Verse#2 of the "bhishma-stuthi"
and bring it to some kind of a contrived, clumsy closing. Then I will take
your leave. 

The rest of the 8 verses, who knows, we will discuss it all perhaps at some
other time in future..... if the Lord so wills !

I wish you all the very best in life. It's been a rare privilege knowing you
all even if only briefly and sketchily through the I-net medium. Please
continue the good work you are all doing.

One more thing.

In the past some of my posts may have seemed to you all as a little
ill-tempered. I'm not choleric by nature. I am a very easy-going person
really. But sometimes I do commit the crime of using words as weapons of
aggression rather than of disarmament. The high-pressure professional
environment of corporate-finance in which I live and work may have something
to with it. Please forgive me if I have seriously hurt any of you. I meant
no offence.

I'm confident I shall live and learn to conquer my negative traits. So Help
me God !

The next time we meet, "InshAllah" (as they say here in Bahrain), let's hope
we all have enough time on our hands to thoroughly discuss and enjoy the

srimathe srivan satagopa sri narayana yathindra mahadesikaya namaha