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Re: A follow up question to -> Re: The Ultimate sharaNagathi and personal beliefs ...

From: M K Sudarshan (
Date: Mon Jul 28 1997 - 05:04:09 PDT

At 10:07 PM 7/27/97 -0500, you wrote:
>	I think an answer may be found in Sri Sudarshan's
>	bhishma-stuthi (10 - 13) dealing with "yat Bhava
>	pravAha ha" - in particular, the 12th and 13th articles.
>        If my understanding is incorrect, I hope Sri Sudarshan will
>	correct me.
>	adiyEn,
>	govind rengrajan
 Dear Sri.Govind Rengarajan,

  Indeed, you are right !
  The relationship between "form" and "reality" is a very difficult one to
define. The purusha-suktam calls it "tasya-yOnim" and in fact which only
rare "gnyAni-s" or "dhIra-s" truly realise.

  One of the greatest features of Vedanta, Sri.Rengarajan, is that it teaches :
  "It is not enough to simply know the Truth; 
   One must learn to live It".

  While "philosophizing" may help us "know" Truth we still need a "theology"
by   which we can actually learn to "live" it !

  The uniqueness of our "siddhAntham" is that it offers us both means !

  THis is what I meant by saying in my last post on this thread that all of
us   need "two crutches" by whatever name you call them or whatever "form"
you give   them.