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Re: A follow up question to -> Re: The Ultimate sharaNagathi and personal beliefs ...

From: Govind Rengarajan (
Date: Sun Jul 27 1997 - 20:07:28 PDT

On Fri, 25 Jul 1997, Raja Krishnasamy wrote:

> I now have a related question.  If we indeed as srI
> VaishNavAs are to pray to Lord srIman nArAyaNA only,
> and according to some people not even worship other
> dieties (so far the discussion in this group has
> limited itself to Lord Shiva as the "anya dEvathA"),
> why is it that after baraNyAsam, some people pay
> their respects to other Sri Vaishnava forms of Sriman
> nArAyaNA, such as srI rAmA, or sudarshana AzhvAr,
> etc.  Is not some amount of karma attached to these
> dieties as well ?

	I think an answer may be found in Sri Sudarshan's
	bhishma-stuthi (10 - 13) dealing with "yat Bhava
	pravAha ha" - in particular, the 12th and 13th articles.
        If my understanding is incorrect, I hope Sri Sudarshan will
	correct me.
	govind rengrajan