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151st Tirunakshatram of Poundarikapuram Andavan Swami
Date: Sat Jul 26 1997 - 14:23:02 PDT


Dear Bhagavatas,

I wholeheartedly endorse the appeal made by Sri Murali Rangaswamy for funds
for the 151st Tirunakshatram Celebrations of Srimad Poundarikapuram Andavan
to be held from 9th  to  16th August 1997.

The lineage of Acharyas down from Tirukkudanthai Maha Desikan (1701-1783) has
been marked by an unbroken chain of  successors of self- effacing ascetics, a
central pendant like figure being Sri Poundarikapuram Andavan (1847 - 1934).
He was a true Jnana- Viraghya- Anushtana storehouse. It was he who put this
Acharya line on a sound footing by founding a hermitage with pristine purity.

His mantle is being borne today by H.H. Paravakkottai Andavan, Sri Gopala
Desika Maha Desikan Swami, who received his first initiation from this
founder himself.

The present pontiff is hailed by one and all WITHOUT EXCEPTION as THE MODEL
ACHARYA. Simple and  unassuming, profound in knowledge and strict in
observing disciplines of Sannyasa Dharma, he is easily accessible to all
those who yearn to learn. The present and previous Jeeyars of Ahobila Mutt
and all other Yathivaras extol his virtues in NOTHING SHORT OF SUPERLATIVE

In fact, once when I asked  our present Jeeyar (in his Poorva Asramam) just
as we should diagnose the doctor before letting him diagnose our ailment,
whether it was not necessary for a would-be- Sishya to find out whether the
would-be-Acharya is qualified enough to be an Acharya before resorting to him
for Samasrayanam and / or Bharanyasam. He replied that he knew of one Acharya
who was  most eminently qualified in every sense of the term. And, that was
H.H. Poundarika Puram  Paravakkottai Andavan Swami. And, he described him as
" A living God walking on earth". Literally also, this Swami goes by foot
even long distances during his Sancharams.

Very strict on himself as a Sannyasi, he is so compassionate as to understand
the constraints we face (especially on this side of the Globe) and tenders
practical advice as to how we can still practice  the disciplines enjoined in
our Sastras within the parameters of  the ground realities.

He has planned a week long festival with Ubhaya Vedanta Parayanam and
Vakhyartha Sadas in which Yathis and masters of our Siddhanta will

This is a fitting occasion for all of us to contribute our mite for the
Celebrations and secure the blessings of the glorious lineage of this Acharya

Your tax-exempt contributions may be sent to Ahobila Muth, 5 Pissaro Court,
Gaithersburg, Maryland- MD - 20878 so as to reach before  5th AUGUST 97. The
Ahobila Muth will send a consolidated cheque to the Celebrations Committee.
Please remember to record a note on the Cheque / Pledge that the amount is
for Poundarikapuram Swami 151st Tirunakshatram Celebrations.

Thank you in advance.

Anbil Ramaswamy