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A follow up question to -> Re: The Ultimate sharaNagathi and personal beliefs ...

From: Raja Krishnasamy (
Date: Fri Jul 25 1997 - 19:01:30 PDT

I am glad I brought up this question in the first
place, and more than that I have been blessed, for
the past few days, I have been indulging myself in
pouring over all the material that has since been
circulated among the members of this group.

I now have a related question.  If we indeed as srI
VaishNavAs are to pray to Lord srIman nArAyaNA only,
and according to some people not even worship other
dieties (so far the discussion in this group has
limited itself to Lord Shiva as the "anya dEvathA"),
why is it that after baraNyAsam, some people pay
their respects to other Sri Vaishnava forms of Sriman
nArAyaNA, such as srI rAmA, or sudarshana AzhvAr,
etc.  Is not some amount of karma attached to these
dieties as well ?

In fact even the various madams have different
presiding dieties.  All the 106 divya dEsams have
different purANams associated with them, but then so
too are the dieties of anya religions.

Are we not contradicting all the discussions we went
through the past few days.  While it is definitely
true that these are indeed various forms of Lord
nArAyaNA, with several kalyANa guNAs, that we admire
in the various dieties, and that we are told that all
these forms lead us to perumAL, then why can not this
argument be applied to the dieties of other religions


Raja Krishnasamy