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Re: ultimate-saraNagathi

From: Krishna Kalale (
Date: Thu Jul 24 1997 - 16:03:26 PDT

I just wanted to share with our readers this one, following the thread of
thought by Sri M.K Sudarshan.

Sri Ramanuja's system is some times termed as mostly a theology from some.
I dont know whether professor Karman intentionally or unintentionaly named
his book on RAmanuja as "Theology of Ramanuja".  This title is not very
indicative of the major efforts of Sri Ramanuja directed to attack or
disagree with Advaita and thus form a set of philosophic works : Sribhasya,
Vedartha samgraha, Vedanta dipa, Vedanta Sara which are all philosophic in
nature and in no way less philosophical than Advaita itself.  His
philosophy is both a philosophy and a theology. To leave out the
philosophic component by a noted authority, in fact strengthens the stance
of critics of Visistadvaita. 

Adiyen Krishna Kalale