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Re: Sri VishNu SahasranAmam - nAma 25 to 36.

From: Ramakrishnan Balasubramanian (
Date: Tue Jul 22 1997 - 11:43:25 PDT

Krishnamachari wrote:

>26.  sarvah (sa as in Siva) - The Remover of all sins 
>        I am unable to get a good understanding of the interpretation >of this
>nAma.  The word is derived from the root sr - to tear to pieces, to
>kill, to hurt.    Neither Sri Bhattar nor Sri Sankara have given
>references to other srutis for this nAma.  If any of you know of a
>context in the Gita or elsewhere that this name occurs or is referred
>to, please advise me since I would like to understand the significance
>of this nAma better. 

It occurs in the rudraprashnaH,

namo bhavAya cha rudrAya cha _namaH sharvAya_ cha pashupataye cha ....

May be it occurs elsewhere also, like the shvetAshvatara upanishhad, but
I am not sure about this.