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From: Raghu Seshadri (
Date: Tue Jul 22 1997 - 11:05:11 PDT

Hello all,

My name is Raghu Seshadri, and I am very happy to have
been allowed re-entry into this forum. I used to subscribe
to the list in the past but had to drop out due to
company policy. Now that I have changed companies,
this is yet another benefit that I intend to
enjoy !

My interest in Srivaishnavism needs no lengthy explanation.
I was born to this tradition; I have always
been overwhelmed by the sheer loveliness of its doctrine,
its practices, its language, the attitude that it
inculcates, the seemingly effortless way in which
it stimulates elevated thoughts in its followers,
its economy of speech and its annihilation of
all mental diseases like nihilism and cynicism
thru its rapturous enthusiasm for life and beauty.

As always, the easiest and most enjoyable way
of learning about this philosophy is by listening
to the erudite explanations of other bhaktas,
and what better forum can there be for it ,
for people in our station, than the bhaktas one
encounters here ? I hope I don't embarrass Sri Mani
when I say that I consider it my life's great
good fortune to have met him and made his
acquaintance; doesn't he remind us of the sage
Markandeya with his vast knowledge compressed
in so tender an age ...

I am also looking forward to reading the posts
of other bhakta shiromanis like Sri Sadagopan
and Vaidehi, in whose writings one can get a
taste of that sweetness that Andal introduced
to this world ..

Om namo Narayanaya