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Date: Mon Jul 21 1997 - 07:56:41 PDT


Dear Bhagavatas,

temples I visited and  the great people  including Yathis and Non - Yathis)
whom I met during my visit to India. 

Though this posting is titled " Face to Face with other Scholars,
Philanthropists and Friends", it must be noted that they are not mutually
exclusive. In fact, quite a few of them combine all the three roles.

Even as it is, these writes up have become a veritable compendium of "Who is
Who?" Due to space constraints and the prevailing mood to curtail postings, I
am  briefly alluding to only  some  (and have not done full justice  even to
them)  For the same reasons, I have left out numerous others,  though they
are  equally,if not more, important personages than those included. Thanks
for your patience.

Anbil Ramaswamy
(1) SRI S.V.S RAGHAVAN (10/5/97) : A former Chairman of BHEL. he is the
President of  "Sri Visishtaadvaita Research Center". Numerous popular and
high quality books on our Siddhanta including the monumental  "Alwar Tiru
Ullam- Tiruvoimozhi Parts I & II have been published by the Center. A very
unassuming gentleman whose devotion to
our Siddhanta  is matched only by his munificence to worthy causes. I had
occasion to meet with him on the possibility of marketing the books published
by SVRC.

(2)  SRI R.K.SWAMY (30/5/97): Head of "R.K.Swamy Advertising", a premier
institution in the field of Advertising and Publicity, he is a great
philanthropist who unstintingly loosens his purse strings for all worthy
causes. A confidant of our Jeeyar, he is an unfailing source for providing
the sinews of sustenance for the Mutt whenever there is a call for his help.
He acknowledged with pleasure the efforts made by us in the USA in
propagating our Siddhantam.

(3) SRI  R. RAJAN (31/3/97 & 6/4/97): Another Confidant of our Jeeyar, he is
actively involved in the day to day administration of Nrisimhapriya office.
He works in tandem with Purisai Swami, Editor  and Sri  SVS Raghavan.

(4) SRI R. SRINIVASAN OF INDIAN EXPRESS (3/4/97 & 3/5/97) : Son of late
Rangachari, Finance Secretary to Govt. of Tamilnadu, he retired as an officer
of the Indian Oil Corporation. He attends  all Srivaishnava activities and
reports on them in the 'Religion' columns of the Indian Express. He has
written about our Conference on 30th May 97 issue.

(5) SRI K.G.KRISHNAN (29/3/97, 30/4/97,27/5/97&2/6/97) : Proprietor of M/S
KGK Finance company, he is the Son-in-law of Abhinava Desika Uttamur Swami.
He is a philanthropist and an ardent votary of our Siddhanta. I was amazed to
see how his Bhaagavata Aradhana is not any less than his Bhagavad Aradhana.
Extremely hospitable and kind, he offered a whole set of  books published by
Uttamur Swami for suitably flashing on our internet journal.

(6) SRI T.V.RAJAGOPALAN (29/3/97):He is the son of Uttamur Swami. I met him
at Siddhasramam, Nathamuni St, T.Nagar in connection with the celebration of
the Tirunakshtram of KOZHIYALAM SWAMI.

(7) SRI M.K.SRINIVASAN (30/3/97&11/5/97) : Retired as the Head of MMTC, he is
the President of Sri Vedanta Desika Research Center and the Right hand person
of Seva Swami in his efforts. He has written editorially about our SDDS in
the CHITTIRAI issue of "DESIKA SEVA" monthly journal and has given all books
published by the Center for flashing on our internet journal.

(8) SRI R.SESHADRI (6/4/97) : A Senior Engineer of the TVS Group, he is a
disciple of Purisai Swami having learned Sribashyam at his feet. He is
involved in the renovation of temples in South India. He is presently in USA.
I have requested him to enlighten us on Sribashyam.

(9) SRI V. SADAGOPAN (6/4/97) : Deputy General Manager of Wheels India Ltd,
Padi is another student of Purisai Swami.

(10) SRI S.GOPALA IYENGAR(18/3/97) : A retired Chief Engineer of Tuticorin
Port Trust and an uncle of our SAMPATH RENGARAJAN, he is the disciple of
Poundarikapuram Asramam and totally dedicated to the various projects of the
Poundarikapuram Swami.

(11) SRI S.VENKATACHARI (6/4/97) : An Officer of the Indian Statistical
Institute, he is the Son-in-law of Poundarikapuram Swami (in his
Poorvaasramam). He used to attend Sribashyam Kalakshepams in
Purisai Swami's house.

(12)  SRI V.KRISHNA IYENGAR(14/5/97&31/5/97) : A Retired Chief Engineer of
Tamilnadu Govt. He is Bhagavata par excellence and a close follower of our
Jeeyar. Our Jeeyar used to give Kalakshepams in his house at Padmanabha
nagar, Adyar, Madras. He gave 20 Salagramams for the  Buffalo temple.

(13) JUDGE SRI RAVINDRA KANNAN(14/5/97) : Our Jeeyar used to conduct
Kalakshepam classes on RTS etc. in his house at Vannanthurai, Adyar. He has
also donated 2 Salagramams for the Buffalo project.

(14) Dr. A. PARTHASARATHY(29/3/97&14/5/97) : A retired Professor of
I.I.T.Powai, Bombay he is one of the sons of Sri Amudachariar, Advocate,
Triplicane. He has also donated 2 Salagramams for the Buffalo project. Along
with 4 Salagramams from my own collection, I have mailed to Dr. Venkatadri, a
total of 28 Salagramams for the garland to adorn Lord Venkateswara at
Buffalo. The Pratishta of the Lord took place in the middle of June 97.

(15) Prof. V.RAMABADRAN(14/5/97) : A retired Pofessor of I.I.T.Madras, he is
a great Anushtatha in whose house also, our Jeeyar used to conduct classes on
Bhagavad Gita, Bhagavad Vishayam etc He is presently in USA.

(16)  SRI V.R. SESHADRI (15/3/97): A retired Senior Accounts Officer of
Defense Accounts, he is totally devoted to our Siddhanta. His son-in-law is
Sri Lakshmi Kumar, a  successful  lawyer in Delhi who donated a lot for the
Kainkaryams of Kanchipuram temple and  bore the entire expenses for a day
(Rs.60,000) for  the Uttamur Swami Centenary. His brother-in-law is the
famous "Paduka Sundaram", a Confidant of Srimushnam Andavan.

(17) SRI N.K. RANGASWAMI IYENGAR(5/5/97) : Another student of our Jeeyar, he
was looking after the accounts of the Mutt and was accompanying our Jeeyar in
his Sancharams. But, due to ill health, he has retired and stays in
Tiruvanmiyur. Even so, he is serving as a trustee of Sri Vedanta Desikar
temple, Mylapore.

(18) SRI K.VENKATA KRISHNAN(20/3/97&28/4/97) : Another disciple of our
Jeeyar. Wherever there is a temple festival or a Kalakshepam or a
Srivaishnavite Congregation, you can never miss spotting him there. I wonder
how he moves with bewildering rapidity to make sure that he does not miss the
events in different locations at the same time !.

(19) SANGITA KALAANIDHI SMT. MANI KRISHNASWAMY (31/3/97&3/4/97): She needs no
introduction to our esteemed members. But, many of you may not be aware that
she is the mother of our M.K.SUDARSAN of Bahrain- an illustrious son to a
glorious mother ( and, a distant (?) relative of mine too ! ). She has sung
many Stotras like Achyuta Satakam, Narayana Kavacham etc in her mellifluous
voice. I have requested her to set to music " Lakshmi Narayana Hridayam" and
render it in her inimitable style.

(20) MRS. YADUGIRI PADMANABHAN (6/4/97): She is a Nrisimha Upasaki.  She is
engaged in providing shelter for shade to the pilgrims negotiating the steps
of the hillock of Yoga Narisimha Swami at Sholinghur.

this Nilayam recently attained the feet of the Lord. His son, working in
Ashok Leyland is managing the stock and sale of the books. These Chetttiyar
devotees have published several lucid books on works like Mumukshuppadi, Sri
Vachana Bhushanam etc- a veritable treasure of THENNACHARYA SAMPRADAYA
literature. I bought a set of their books with permission to flash them on
our internet journal.


(i) Dr. VENKAT KANUMALLA of  Sri Ranganatha Temple at Pomona, New York (24/3
/97/ 11/4/97) met me at Nathamuni Sannidhi when  Paduka Sahasram was recited

(ii) I attended the wedding of our C.V.ANANTH on 8/6/97, the day I left for
USA and met there M.K.SUDARSAN and RAJIV MADABHUSI, all members of SDDS. It
was a memorable get- together. 

(iii) SRI  DILEEPAN, Editor of Nrisimhapriya of North America, came on 4/6/97
 to see me in my home at Ambattur after his whirlwind tour of Divyadesams in
which he also had completed all the 106 DDs