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Re: Two Querries.

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Mon Jul 21 1997 - 07:57:13 PDT

On Jul 21,  9:43am, K. Srinivasan wrote:
> Subject: Two Querries.
> 1. I hear that at the foot hill of thirumalai there is some one who performs
> a sEvai with a "leather chappal". Is this something new? I never heard
> of this long ago?

During my recent trip to thirumalai, I noticed that there were several
pAdhukais kept in the foot hill in a place and is kindoff marked as the
starting point for those who climb by bare foot. I donot know the
significance of these pAdhukais being kept at that starting point.
However, I did notice many pAdhukais in different sizes and of differnt
make ie of metals and wooden. There may possibly exist a leather pair
also. I donot remember seeing this though. All I did here was to chant
the 2 liner from Sri RanganAtha pAdukA that has been taught to me for
clearing any obstacles in what ever endeavour I do so that my journey
uphill by foot will be smooth and as desired. However, the sight of
pAdhukais give so many hopes that the darshan is going to be very

	I saw a small boy with his family attempting to do pooja here
for pAdhukais prior to climbing.  He was kinda sick and looked like
a handicapped person. I took off for sometime and went to this boy who
was crying as his father was simply ordering him ignoring his pains. I
assured the boy that he can climb as prayed, and once he is at the top
he will get many blessings.  For his good intention to start the
journey, I gave him some money and said that the rewards will be much more
when he pray to the Lord. This is an ordinary folk from a tamilnadu
village and he is a pAmaran without much education. I felt very small
when I looked in their eyes full of hopes that they will be blessed
with by Lord Venkatachalapathy and their resolve to climb the hills
despite their illhealth. Many of us normally differ climbing due to
many reasons. ie.,  If we have the darshan of pAdhukais here one can get over
these feelings. I have seen ladies climbing with thier newborn infants
(2 months old) and children as small as 3 years old climbing. Padhukai
worship at this place is really soothing and charge our energies for
the upward journey.

Sampath Rengarajan

Note : I have some answers and observations for the part 2 of Sri Srinivasan's
questions that I will post later.