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April-June Archives of Bhakthi List

From: V. Sadagopan (
Date: Sun Jul 20 1997 - 05:21:52 PDT

Dear Sri Mani  : 

I wish to take this opportunity to thank you sincerely for 
your extraordinary time , effort and sraddhA to
complete the above task amidst all the understandable 
pressures of your work . It is a substantive assembly 
of meaningful contributions of the many respected members 
of this special group .The thread of discussions
on important topics of  deep interest to all of us
on the Sri Sookthis , doctrines of  Sri VaishNavism 
are enduringly preserved in these archives .I am convinced
that these archives are a rich source 
of reference for now and  for times to come .

Based on the anugraha vachanams of the full range 
of AchAryAs that Sri Anbil Ramaswamy SwamigaL has
been priveleged to meet with recently , 
It is clear that they consider that 
efforts like ours  are helping them in their own work
to reach out to the future generations on the greatness 
of our sampradhAyam in all its multi-faceted brilliance 
and glory .

The Sri Sookthis have their own " intoxicating "
effect on any one , who comes close to them . If one gets
carried away by their Ruchi , it is understandable. There 
is no way to drink them in a big gulp . You are absolutely 
right about appealing for moderation in output from some 
of us, who have been very active . If our postings can 
not be read , absorbed and reflected upon , then , the goal
and purpose of these  efforts would have been counter productive.
Here again , the archives come to help .

As for myself , I reflected further and decided that I will write
twice a week and adhere to that time table instead of burning 
my candle at both ends . I will plan to write on Mondays and 
Thursdays on individual topics of potentail interest to all of us , . 

With Continuing best wishes for an enjoyable summer ,


P.S : I have a special request to Sri Anbil SwamigaL .
It will be wonderful , if he could post his recollections as 
an eye witness on the SansyAsrama sveekaraNam 
of the 45th Jeeyar of AhObila Mutt as an EYE WITNESS 
to this rare event . Thanks in advance to him .

There are 19 sanyAsa Upanishads . Each one describes the 
procedures and rules of the turiyAsramam differently.
It will be wonderful to see how the Ahobila mutt tradition
goes about inducting an AchArya . Others familiar with 
other Yathi paramparAs can add their own inputs for all
of us to get a complete picture .