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Thiru viN Nagaram, Oppu illA appan kOil - Part 4 - varAhak kshEthram

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Fri Jul 18 1997 - 13:00:22 PDT

Dear bAgawthALs, Though my frequency of posting is not as many as it
used to be two years back, I intend to go ahead and post when ever I
can, to complete atleast this thalapurAnam in time. ie., This
will still amount to three or four
posts in a week for the next 2 weeks if I can make it.
Sri VS expects to wind up the project of mAnikkak
koNdai for Sri boomidEvith thAyAr by the end of the
month (ie within the next two weeks) and I somehow would like to
squeeze in all the remaining posts on this thread prior to that. I will
only try for this. I am sure there is nothing in these thala purAnam
posts of mine for anyone to memorize as such. These posts on Lord
oppiliappan are intended to bring in a feeling among readers to do
surrender or charanAgathi at the holy feet of Lord oppiliappan and
participate in the kaimkaryam sponsored by Sri V. Sadagopan.

Sampath Rengarajan


	This is also known as the "paripooraNa chranaagathi" offering
kshethram. This lord has a prapatti slOkam exclusively delivered for
seeking HIS blessings. It is also to be noted that the Lord in this
temple bears the words from charama slOkam in HIS right hand palm as
"maam Ekam charanam vraja" and offers charaNAgathi. Since this Lord
appeared here to marry Sri BoomidEvi as similar to Lord varAhar and
HE is appearing in kalyAnak kOlam with Sri. Boomi devi, this Lord is
praised as Lord varahar. Similar to Lord of thirupathi this Lord
also has an unique suprapAtham. In Oppiliappan suprapAdham,

boodhAradhAmubakadhA jalathEr dharithrim
prAguththAra hi bavAnth kimu thach chramEna:

boodhAra Eva chayithOthra buva guchAthrow
chAntha chramO nu bagavan ! tha suprapAtham :


"Long ago you retrieved Sri BoomiDevi from the deep ocean, and it looks
you are still tired and hence wanted to sleep *again* on the shoulders of
Sri Boomi devi in thiru viN Nagaram also.  Please wake up my Lord and
bless us".

	Sri VS has written quotes from Boosthuthi and made references to this
thAyAr that one may remember. Lord VarAhar is the first one to offer
charaNagathi thathuvam to us through varAha charaNgathi slOkam. In many
ways this Lord is seen as Lord varAhar. In chronology and as well as
in similarities compared to his younger brother Lord VenkatAchalapathy Lord
Oppiliappan is equated to Lord varAhar HIMslef. In thiruppathi the protocol is
such that all the temple offerings are first made to Adi varAhar, prior
to Sri Venkatachalapathy as Sri AdivarAhar is mudhalvar to Lord
venkatachalapathy.  Similarly, since Lord Oppiliappan appeared prior to
Lord Venkataachalapathy, he is considered elder to Lord
VENKATAachalapathy and all praarththanais that are meant for Lord
Venkataachalapathy are accepted by this Lord on HIS behalf.  i.e. those
who cannot travel to thirumalai for some reason can offer their
prArththanais  to this Lord and such offerings are considered as
fulfillment of the praarthanais to Lord Venkataachalapathi. It is
conceived that Lord Venkataachalpathi is in the "mode" of "ananthaa"
and Lord Oppilaiappan is beleived to be present in three "modes";
namely "sudhdha aanandhaa", "sudhdha saththvaa" and "Vishnu". The
vimAnam above the moolavar sannithi has the nrsimham facing South and
varahar facing east as simliar to how Srivaikundam has been described.
Lord oppiliappan is also east facing as similar to SrivarAhar in HIS
vimAnam.  The darshan of this vimAnam brings immediate happiness in the
lives of bhakthALs.

This temple has a special and unique combination in which Lord Vishnu
is appearing in his ninRa kOlam as similar to Srivaikundam (more than
10 feet tall) and as well is present in the sudhdha saththuvam "mode"
as similar to SriVaikundam (no other temple has this "mode") and hence
this is considered the Sri Vaikundam itself of Lord Vishnu known as
"Thiru viN Nagaram".

Sri Boomi Devi nAchchiyAr samEtha Sri Oppiliappan thiruvadikaLA charaNam.
Sampath Rengarajan