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Re: Recent Postings

From: M K Sudarshan (
Date: Wed Jul 16 1997 - 02:50:59 PDT

At 09:06 AM 7/15/97 -0500, Sri.Vijay Srinivasan wrote:
>Dear Prapatti Group Members:
>     The past few days I have been greatly enjoying the Bhakti postings.

>     Sriman Sudarshan's wonderful description of the ninth day battle  of
>the Bharatha war has no parallel.  He indeed writes with vigor and
>originality and a literary style that belongs to the class of great

>Vijayaraghavan Srinivaan

Sri.Vijay is being very generous and I thank him for it.

I must remind him, however, that the "vigour" he refers to is NOT "original" !

If you remember I had written in "bhishma-stuthi" Posts #15,#16 and #17 that
the "nAmA" "vijaya-sakhE" is a unique "bhagavan-nAmA" ! It has a strange
"power" to stir one's imagination ! I also tried to explain how the "nAmA"
was used by the "AchAryA-s" as a "triggering" device to set-off inside their
minds "video-clip" images of "avatAra-sambhavam-s and leela-s" as described
in the "itihAsA-s" and "purAnA-s". I had used the analogy of "sobriquets"
given to modern tennis-heroes to drive home the point ! Also I pointed out
the "experiment" in an American University that was conducted to study the
"power" that "names" exercise on our minds and life. I also gave a sample (a
poorly transliterated one, I fear !) from the "eedu" to illustrate how this
"nAmA" inspired "AchAryA-s" to compose 360 wonderfully euphonious
"vyAkhyAna-" statements in magnificent "mani-pravAlam" and each annotating
the word "vijaya-sakhE" with many great "scenes" and "episodes" from the
holy "itihAsA-s"!

Vijay, I hope you remember it all !

So, if you really thought my petty little narration of the 9th day
Kurukshetra battle was "wonderful", can you imagine how much more
breath-taking the inspired narrations of the "AchAryA-s" in their
"mani-pravAla" "eedu" would be !!!  

One day perhaps, if Lord wills so, I will take you to my "AchAryan",
Sri.Mukkur Swami and request him to recite for your benefit the whole text
of those 360 statements from the "eedu" which still ring in my ears! He can
do it with a "style", believe me, so wonderful that you will regret having
hastily praised my own style as "world-class" !!!

Thank you very much, all the same, dear Vijay ! 

By the way, I listen to the "Saptati" tapes you sent me. I cannot tell you
how grateful I am to you for them. But are you sure you have sent me all of
them ?