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Date: Tue Jul 15 1997 - 07:06:17 PDT

Dear Prapatti Group Members:

     The past few days I have been greatly enjoying the Bhakti postings.
Through Sriman Sadagopan's biographical note on Periyazhwar we could
reflect on the great saints' work, the origin and the significance of
Pallandu and the magic that Isvara's(Sriman Narayana's) grace can do to any
mortal being (Mookham karOti vAchAlam..).  It is said of Vyasa's
Mahabharata that what is not in it is nowhere.  I am beginning to think
that when it comes to our sampradayam the same thing can be said of Sriman
Sadagopan.  The range of subjects he covers and the quickness and
regularity with which he brings them to us is totally amazing.
     Sriman Sudarshan's wonderful description of the ninth day battle  of
the Bharatha war has no parallel.  He indeed writes with vigor and
originality and a literary style that belongs to the class of great
     The contributions of Sriman Sundararajan on noble personages and
Krishnamachary on Vishnu Sahasranamam are indeed commendable.
     All I can say is: without this Bhakti-net, how much poorer I would
have been in collecting the treasures of Sri-Vaishnavism. "Digantha Vyapini
Bhooyath Sa hi Loka Hithaishini."

Vijayaraghavan Srinivaan